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The MBA CEEB code number is 431710. You must include this code to assure that your scores are sent to MBA. You are responsible for making sure the appropriate scores are sent to all the schools to which
you are applying; requirements and other testing policies vary significantly between institutions, so please be sure to review testing policies at each school.

SAT, ACT and SAT Subject Tests
Standardized tests are an unavoidable part of the process. Almost all colleges require the SAT or ACT, and some private colleges also require two SAT Subject Tests (there are a few schools that recommend three). Schools do not have a preference as to whether you take the SAT or ACT. Note carefully any specific requirements of the colleges to which you are applying. Questions about which tests to take and when should be addressed to your counselor.

Testing Schedule
Begins in earnest Junior Year: You are responsible for registering for the tests and having the scores sent, but you can discuss with your counselor which dates and which tests are appropriate; you should
not be sitting for all the exams listed below.

• February: ACT
• March: SAT
• April: ACT
• May and/or June: SAT Subject Tests

Continues into Senior Year:
• June: ACT
• July: Take or retake ACT
• August: Retake SAT, if necessary
• September: Take or retake ACT.
• October: Retake SAT, ACT or SAT Subject Tests, if necessary.
• November: Retake SAT or SAT Subject Tests, if necessary.
• December: Retake SAT, ACT or SAT Subject tests, if necessary.

• It is your responsibility to know which colleges require which tests and to request that your scores be sent from or to the colleges.
• Scores from standardized tests do NOT appear on your MBA transcript, so the only way that the colleges will receive them is if you send them. You can do this when you register for the test, when you take the test, or when you receive the scores.
• The College Board and the ACT allow you to select which sittings of the SAT and ACT you would like reported to which colleges. However, there will be some colleges that require your entire testing history and you must submit all of your SAT or ACT scores to them.
• Every year otherwise qualified applicants are denied admission from colleges because those applicants have neglected to send their test results. You should keep careful records of which tests you have taken and where the scores have been sent. It can take 2 weeks for the scores to reach colleges after you make the request.

Advanced Placement Tests
AP test results do not appear on your MBA transcript. For purposes of admission, you may simply self-report your scores on your application. There is no need to order official score reports during the admission process. For purposes of receiving actual college credit for AP results, the scores must be sent directly from Educational Testing Service to the college. This is done after you have been admitted and have chosen where you will be attending.

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