Dead Poets Contest

Dead Poets Society Reading and Writing Contest Rules
Dead Poets Society Reading Contest:
  1. Read as many books from the selected collection set aside in the library. Where possible, editions were chosen for the quality of translation and the notes. We avoided abridgements   unless noted. You are expected to read all of the work, unless selections are specified, and make a good faith attempt to understand it. If you have read a book previously, you may review it and then schedule an interview.

  2. To verify that you have read the work, you need to have an interview with a teacher about the work. You must ask a teacher for an interview at least three weeks and preferably one   month before expecting the interview. Some teachers will have read some works, some others. Don’t expect a teacher to read the work with you. Don’t ask the same teacher for more than two books in a row. If you need help choosing a possible teacher to consult, ask Mr. Lester or Mr. Quinn.

  3. The interview about the book will not normally last more than 5 minutes and will be graded high pass / pass / or fail. Failure will normally be from not having demonstrated adequately that you read the book and made a reasonable attempt to understand it.

  4. The student who passes reading the greatest number of books in each grade will be declared the winner for that grade at the end of the spring.

    For poetry only: although some complete books of poetry have been included, in many cases works of poetry can be completed by reading the selection provided (typically 15-30       poems) and memorizing one poem drawn from any of the poet’s work (20 line minimum). Because fewer poems are read, expect to be more familiar with them.
Prizes are as follows: $200 for the most books read from this list in each grade in the high school, $100 for each grade in the middle school. A minimum of six new works have to be read each year to be eligible for a prize.

Dead Poets Society Writing Contest:
Dead Poet Writing prizes, to be awarded in May based on submissions entered by February 14th. There will be a fiction/drama prize and a poetry prize. Writing submitted must be an original work written by you. You may use a piece written for a class or writing club, but writing that has already won a prize is ineligible for consideration.
If there is a work of fiction (novel, short story, play) that merits the top prize in the high school, it will be awarded the prize along with $300. If there is a poem that merits a top prize, it too will be awarded $300; runner up prizes will be $100 in each category, and if there is no grand prize winner, there may be more than one runner up. In the middle school, the grand prize will be $100 and the runner up in each category will win $25.

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