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Writing Center: English III

Objectives for the English III Grammar and Composition Program

I. Grammar
In Correct Writing, the students review parts of the sentence, verbals, clauses, punctuation, pronoun-antecedent agreement, subject-verb agreement, and stylistic exercises on parallelism, passive voice, dangling modifiers, unclear pronouns, too much coordination, illogical subordination, and diction. Unlike the eight-week and six-week grammar reviews in English I and II, juniors will review grammar (while studying literature) into the second quarter or longer, depending upon their mastery of the stylistic principles that they should be applying to their theme-writing. Though grammar fundamentals are still emphasized in this review, stylistic principles and editing skills are given more attention than in English I and II.

II. Composition
Students continue to master the five-paragraph expository theme, building on the expectations of a solid introduction, three body paragraphs, and conclusion. Students write five or six expository themes and, if the teacher chooses, a memoir or narrative. Students are urged to work independently on their thesis statements and outlines. By now, the student should have a clear picture of the writing process (pre-writing, formal outlines, drafting, editing, proper documentation). Though matters of form are still evaluated carefully, the content and logic of their essays get more attention than in English I and II.

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