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  • Daily Announcements for Monday, May 17, 2021

    DAILY ANNOUNCEMENTS for Monday, May 17, 2021
    • All students interested in Varsity Bowling next year: There will be a meeting on Wednesday, during break, in I-31. If you cannot make it, contact Coach Creamer. (
    • The Burkholder Café will be CLOSED during the following times while AP exams are taking place in the Burk Yoga Room:
    Mon, May 17 - 8.00am-12pm
    Even at times when the café is open, exams will be taking place in the Burk.  Please keep noise levels down while exams are in progress over the next two weeks. 
    • Head to the Wilson Library and check out the AAPI display and then listen to the expertly curated Spotify playlist!  Here is the link: 
    • On Wednesday, May 19, the students in the Sixties Seminar will premiere their documentary projects in Pfeffer during G Block and break (9:40). Students and teachers are welcome to attend. Films include:
      • “The Nashville Sit-Ins: Nonviolent Protest In Action” by Kyle Tavi, Kendrick Abernathy, Maxwell Battle. In this documentary, Dr. David Ewing and Mr. Dan Herring speak on the influence and impact of these student-led protests on the local and national Civil Rights Movement.
      • "A Noble Pursuit" by Jack Gauldin, Max Scheele, and Zach Ricciardelli.
    In this film, Mr. Moxley and Mr. Hamrick discuss the Beat Generation and its influence on 60’s rock and roll and pop culture.
      • "A Vietnamese Perspective on the War" by Kendrick Pulce, Will Montana, Will Morrison. In this film, Mr. Thanh Duong and Dr. Tom Schwartz discuss the role the U.S. played in the long conflict, helping aid South Vietnam against the communist North Vietnamese, but resulting in severe losses on both sides as more than 58,000 U.S. soldiers and 1,100,000 North Vietnamese were killed.
      • "Everyday Struggles of the Vietnam Soldier" by Jack Edwards, Zak Herbstreit, and Patrick Wilk.  In this documentary, Art Jacobs, George C. Paine, and Douglas Kirk, describes the daily life of a soldier in Vietnam. The film addresses joining the fight, training, the experience "in country," “the things they carried," and returning home.
      • "Strategies and Tactics: Successes and Failures in the Vietnam War" by Sebastian Garcia and Luke Haley. In this documentary, Dr. Mick Raney and Dr. Thomas Schwartz discuss the strategies and tactics used in the war. They also consider the government's decisions, like LBJ's use of the draft, and how such controversial choices affected public opinion and the war effort. 
    • Freshmen, when you are on campus this week, please check the bins that you are responsible for, and recycle the materials to the dumpsters as needed.  

    Saturday May 15, 2021    Armed Forces Day
         8a - 8a    ►    Shooting Sports - Shotgun - Game - Away (Maury County Gun Club)
         9a - 12p    ►    Scholar Prep Classes (Massey Bldg)
         11:30a - 11:30a    ►    Lacrosse - Varsity - Game Christian Brothers High School - Neutral (Nolensville High School)
     Sunday May 16, 2021
         8a - 8a    ►    Shooting Sports - Shotgun - Game - Away (Maury County Gun Club)
     Monday May 17, 2021
         8a - 8a    ►    AP Exam:  Computer Science Principles (Yoga Room; ext time in Gibbs)
         8a - 8a    ►    Ap Exam:  Comparative Govt and Politics (Massey Commons , ext time in Virginia Room)
         12p - 12p    ►    AP Exam:  Statistics (Massey Commons; Library Conf Room)
         6p - 8p    ►    Debate Banquet (Dining Hall)
     Tuesday May 18, 2021
         9:40a - 9:40a    ►    Big Brother/Little Brother End of Year Cookie Break (Dining Hall)
         6p - 7:30p    ►    MBA Shotgun Banquet (Dining Hall)
         6p - 7:30p    ►    Shooting Sports - Shotgun - Game - Home
     Wednesday May 19, 2021
         7a - 7a    ►    Ellie's Donuts for Faculty/Staff and Seniors
         8a - 10:30a    ►    Sixties Seminar docs (Pfeffer)
         9:40a - 9:40a    ►    COSA Mtg (Yoga Room)
         4:30p - 5:30p    ►    Luke Morad's Science Research Class Capstone Presentation (Pfeffer)
         5p - 5p    ►    Spring Music Celebration (Event Center)
         6:15p - 6:15p    ►    Leavers Dinner (Dining Hall)
     Thursday May 20, 2021
        ►    HALF DAY of Classes
        ►    Q4 Ends
         9a - 12p    ►    Scholar Prep Classes (Massey Bldg)
         9:40a - 9:40a    ►    Local Landmarks Wilson Program Meeting (Massey Commons)
         11:30a - 11:30a    ►    Mothers of Alumni Lunch (Event Center)
         3p - 3p    ►    Tennis - Varsity - Game Baylor School - Home (John Bell Keeble Tennis Courts)
         4p - 4p    ►    Baseball - Varsity - Game - TBD
     Friday May 21, 2021
        ►    EXAMS:  Math
         6p - 8p    ►    Rowing Banquet (Dining Hall)
         6p - 6p    ►    Soccer - Varsity - Game McCallie School - Home (Soccer Pitch)
     Saturday May 22, 2021
         9a - 12p    ►    Scholar Prep Classes (Massey Bldg)
         5p - 5p    ►    Tennis - Varsity - Game - Home (John Bell Keeble Tennis Courts)
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