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Reopening Plan 2020-21

Dear MBA families:
We hope you are all doing well. As we continue to prepare for the beginning of the 2020-21 school year, we wanted to share with you where things stand in terms of our planning and hope that we can find some good ways to begin this school year.
The documents in the box to the right outline our overall reopening plan for 2020-21, the specific Covid-19 guidelines for students and families who have a confirmed or suspected case in their household, technology recommendations, and details of our hybrid learning model. Please note that the city's current 'modified phase 2' status is functionally the same as phase 3 as far as schools are concerned. In other words, either scenario 1 or 2 of the reopening plan would be in effect at MBA.
In formulating these plans we have tried to keep two guiding principles in mind:
1.      Ensuring the safety of our students, faculty, and staff, and the greater MBA community
2.      Maintaining the excellent learning environment that has defined MBA for over 150 years
Given the new information and data we are seeing on a daily basis, these are not - and should not be - the final word on these topics. We believe, however, they give us a solid framework with which to proceed. Even so, we will only be able to conduct on campus instruction if infection rates are manageable.
Therefore, parents, we ask you to urgently and extensively discuss with your son the details of these plans and convey to him how critical it is that he follows our protocols carefully and rigorously while he is on campus. We will not hesitate to send boys home who do not follow these guidelines. 
Our plans have been drawn up in consultation with all constituencies of the school, as well as state and local health officials and secondary education experts. We will continue to consult with our peers and state and local health experts. We have learned through this process that we must not only draw on our community expertise and ingenuity but also be flexible and adaptable. Those are MBA traits. So are patience and understanding as we continue to respond to the challenges the coronavirus presents.
As pervasive an issue as it has been, this virus will one day no longer be our focus, and we must always keep looking ahead to that day and not assume that what we are experiencing now is going to last forever – and although we must make adjustments for now because of the pandemic, we will not make short-term decisions that damage our long-term mission.    
Nonetheless, this also means it is critical we all recognize that in this present moment every person’s actions matter
Only if we collectively face up to the challenges presented by this virus, and only if we all abide by the guidelines that are in place, will we have any prospect of a near-term return to anything approaching ‘normalcy.’ To get to that point, we are going to ask you – all of you – for a combination of great patience, endurance, care, and self-discipline. 
Students, all of your teachers and all of our staff have been preparing for your return to school – and all of them want above all to be able to see MBA remain open through the fall and spring. Our best chance of making this happen, and of having a successful and complete school year, is if we can all work together to face this crisis.
Brad Gioia, Mark Tipps, Tim Boyd

Montgomery Bell Academy

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