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MBA Policy Debate Team Wins Large National Tournament

The debate team traveled to the University of California, Berkeley this past weekend to compete at the largest invitational tournament in the country. Prior to that tournament, the College Prep School invited the teams of Atticus Glen and William Bradford, and Aden Barton and Julian Habermann to compete at the prestigious California Round Robin.  Both teams secured the best overall record in their individual pods, and the team of Aden Barton and Julian Habermann were named champions of the Round Robin.  The final round of the Round Robin was a demonstration debate in front of immigration experts from various fields.  Aden Barton was named the top speaker of the event, followed by Julian Habermann in 2nd and Atticus Glen in 4th.

The following day, the invitational tournament started at UC Berkeley.  There were 202 teams from the majority of states represented, including teams representing China and Taiwan.  After twelve debates in three days, the team of Julian Habermann and Aden Barton finished the tournament an undefeated champion.  The team of Atticus Glen and William Bradford finished in 5th place, and Jack Rankin and Jack Harringotn finished in 17th place.   Atticus Glen was named the tournament's top speaker out of 402 debaters, followed by Aden Barton(2nd), Julian Habermann (4th), William Bradford (9th) and Jack Rankin (16th).

With the tournament win, Julian and Aden clinched the Baker award, presented by the National Debate Coaches Association, to the top policy debate team in the nation.  Aden and Julian's 1648 accumulated Baker points are the highest total ever.  They'll be presented the award at the National Debate Coaches Association tournament in April.

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