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A school for boys in grades 7 - 12. Founded in 1867.

International Exchanges

International Exchanges

MBA has developed a cohesive network of student-faculty exchange programs, through our strong connections with schools throughout the world. Pioneered in 1998, this program was shaped by a relationship with both Eton and Winchester Colleges in England. Building on this initiative, MBA established exchange programs with the Michaelhouse School and the Bishop's School in South Africa; Melbourne Grammar School and the King’s School in Australia; Lindisfarne College and Christ College in New Zealand. The program currently involves an exchange of 21 students from nine schools on three continents, with an equal number coming from MBA. In 2012, MBA began to explore a program in China and in the summer of 2012 began an exchange with Colegio Claustro Moderno in Bogota, Colombia.

Through these programs, students develop a heightened understanding of the politics and culture of their host countries. Our students will spend from four weeks to three months enrolled in these great schools where they will absorb an educational experience rich in culture and tradition. In turn, when students from these countries visit MBA, they enrich our classrooms and community by offering, for example, a British or South African perspective on American diplomacy and economics.

Because of MBA’s strong partnership with the Experiment in International Living, students may also apply for exchanges in such countries as Chile, Australia, Poland, France, and Argentina.

The most meaningful benefit of the exchange programs, however, lies in a student’s newfound appreciation for other cultures, forged through friendships far beyond the MBA campus. Students will often spend vacation time traveling abroad with new friends, and will even make college choices based on an exchange program experience – as evidenced by a recent graduate who is attending Oxford University in England.

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