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A school for boys in grades 7 - 12. Founded in 1867.
Overview of Student Life

Service Club

Service Club

The MBA Service Club is a student-run organization that seeks to extend the MBA community beyond the scope of the school. The group performs projects designed both to give back to the larger Nashville community and to help boys realize their own roles as leaders within our city and world.  We hope that over time MBA gentlemen will learn to appreciate their relationships with others across the sometimes limiting lines of race, ethnicity, economic status, and other group identifications and to experience the value of working together towards common good.

Service Club Happenings

2018/19 Service Club Projects

List of 26 frequently asked questions.

  • Best Buddies

    The mission of Best Buddies of Tennessee is "to establish a global volunteer movement that creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrated employment and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities."  This will be MBA's fourth school year working with Best Buddies to further this goal.  The year will continue with our Art Saturdays, Ambassador Training, Best Buddies Prom and a variety of other activities.  Watch the announcements and Service Club calendar for more information and more fun opportunities.

    We are proud to announce that MBA's Best Buddies Chapter was named "International Promotor Chapter of the Year" for the 2017-18 school year, our second time receiving this award.  Because of the outstanding work of our students and faculty advisors, with this award we were recognized as the top Promotor chapter among over 2500 such chapters worldwide. 

    Students from all grades are invited to participate.

    To get involved or to learn more, contact Joseph Stevens ('19), Sam Dugan ('19) or Joe Lucas ('20).
    Faculty Sponsor: Ms. Catherine Hollifield

    Students who participate in Best Buddies through MBA need to register as a volunteer through Best Buddies.  To do so, click here https://www.bestbuddiesonline.org/Instructions.aspx?t=2.
  • Canine Companions for Independence

    This school year marks MBA's fourth year working with Canine Companions for Independence, a "non-profit organization that enhances the lives of people with disabilities by providing highly trained assitance dogs and ongoing support to ensure quality partnerships."  Join the fun as we work to support the group's mission of providing these dogs free of charge by participating in various activities on and off campus.  Look for announcements and at the Service Club calendar for more ways to help, and keep an eye out for puppies around the school!

    Students from all grades are invited to participate.

    If you have questions or want to help, contact Kanayo Offodile ('19).
    Faculty Sponsor: Ms. Chrystal Russell
  • Cellophony

    Established by Hamilton Berry, class of 2003, Cellophony is a student run music concert supporting the W.O. Smith School of Music. The W.O. Smith School of Music’s mission is to provide anyone who wishes to learn music, regardless of price, the opportunity to do so. By showcasing the talent of the musicians here at MBA, we hope to spread the influence of our music in order to help children across Nashville open new doors into their own music. Cellophony originally started, as the name suggests, with cellos playing classical music, but has since expanded to a wide variety of differing genres of music. Through the growth of the show, the work and design for Cellophony has also developed immensely, now requiring a crew for setting the stage as well as for directing lights and audio. Keep an eye out for work dates as Cellophony draws nearer!

    For more information or to get involved contact Ben Wood ('19) or Jason Zhu ('21).
    Faculty Sponsors: Mr. Jordan Frederick and Mrs. Jan Pippin
  • Green Door Gourmet Garden

    Over the past spring and summer a group of MBA students worked a quarter acre farm plot on the Green Door Gourmet campus to grow vegetables for The Nashville Food Project.  Throughout the spring and summer, volunteers helped to plant, water, weed, and harvest crops sporadically before the end of school and at least twice a week during the summer. As the second year for the project, the team was able to grow over 150 pounds of squash and tomatoes for the residents of Nashville's food deserts. Food deserts are areas in which the predominantly poor residents struggle for regular access to healthy foods. Additionally we supplied fresh vegetables for some of The Nashville Food Project's other partners, such as the residents of Mercury Court and The Oasis Center, among others. The project has grown to include volunteers from Harpeth Hall, St. Cecilia, Christ Presbyterian Academy, and Lipscomb. We look forward to a great third season this fall, having expanded the project to be as year round as the weather permits.
    Students from all grades are invited to participate.

    If you have questions or are interested in participating contact William Stewart ('19).
    Faculty Advisor: Mr. Chris Spiegl
  • Fannie Battle

    Fannie Battle Day Home for Children was established in 1891 and is the oldest child care center in the United States. The mission of Fannie Battle is "to provide affordable high-quality child care, for at-risk children in a nurturing environment while empowering families to reach their potential." In the past MBA has participated in the long-standing Nashville tradition of caroling for Fannie Battle during the holiday season. MBA students will spend an evening caroling and raising money for Fannie Battle, and then they will gather for a festive feast. 

    This is a project of the MBA choral programs

    For more information contact Aidan O'Dwyer ('19).
    Faculty Sponsor: Mr. Matt Smyth
  • Fort Negley

    Fort Negley is a historic site dating back from the Civil War. Located next to present day Greer Stadium, the fort was the largest inland fort built during the Civil War, though it saw little combat. The Fort Negley service project entails restoration of the site’s grounds. It will offer students the ability to partake in the beauty of Fort Negley, to help the community of greater Nashville, and to learn some history of Union-controlled Nashville. This project is distinct in being one of the few at MBA that entails mainly physical labor.  Watch the calendar and announcements for upcoming work dates.

    Students from all grades are invited to participate.

    If you have questions or are interested in participating, contact William Stewart ('19).
    Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Clay Bailey
  • Glen Leven

    The Glen Leven project is a volunteer effort that benefits the history farm of Glen Leven off of Franklin Road.  MBA students help to maintain and improve the grounds and historic house at the farm while learning about the history of Tennessee and the South. Glen Leven is unique in that it is one of the few physical labor intensive projects at MBA. Watch the calendar and announcements for upcoming work dates.

    Students from all grades are invited to participate.

    If you have questions or are interested in participating, contact William Barton ('19).
    Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Clay Bailey
  • Hands on Nashville

    MBA gears up annually for the city-wide Hands on Nashville day of service.  This year marks the 27th anniversary of Hands on Nashville Day, and on September 22, and we will again head out to help one of our Metro Schools improve its facitilies.  Painting, mulching, planting, weeding ... who knows what will be in store!  HON Day is an official 11th grade project, but all are welcome.

    If you have questions or are interested in participating, contact Sam Kirkpatrick ('20).
    Faculty Sponsor: Ms. Annie B. Williams
  • Just.Glass

    The MBA Service Club is in the second year of our partnership with the Just.Glass recycling project of Justice Industries, a non-profit organization that builds self-sustaining businesses like Just.Glass to employ and empower people who are working hard to break free from the cycle of poverty.  By recruiting customers for Just.Glass, MBA helps Justice Industries give people good jobs helping our environment.  At the same time, by giving the MBA Service Club a portion of the recycling service fees paid by customers recruited by MBA, Justice Industries helps the Service Club raise funds to support our other projects.  RECYCLE your glass, BREAK the cycle of poverty, and support the MBA Service Club ... at the same time!

    To sign up for Just.Glass home glass recycling, click here.

    Students from all grades are invited to participate.

    For more information or to participate in our Just.Glass project, contact Cole Williamson ('20).
    Faculty Sponsors: Mr. Tom Markham, Dr. Ric Rader
  • Last Minute Toy Store

    Each year for the past twenty years, The Last Minute Toy Store, a ministry of Sixty-First Avenue United Methodist Church of Nashville, Tennessee has distributed free toys and other gifts to thousands of low-income children and youth who live in Davidson County. Parents visit the church over a long weekend in December and are taken "shopping" through the store with the assistance of a volunteer who carries their bag and helps them pick out suitable toys for their kids. MBA truly serves a vital role throughout these four days. Whether being a shopping assistant, a much needed translator for spanish-speaking families, or a bag-to-car carrier, students are very much needed in order for the store to run smoothly. The project runs from 11:30AM to 5:30 PM and daily attendance is not required (any amount of days is great help). Lunch is provided everyday and it's almost impossible not to meet handfuls of incredibly nice people, volunteers as much as the families coming to shop.  Stay tuned for 2017 dates!

    Students from all grades are invited to participate.

    If you have questions or are interested in participating, contact Carson Reisinger ('19) or Pete Rowlett ('20).
    Faculty Sponsor: Mr. Ben Trotter
  • Last Saturday Dinners

    Sponsored by Urban Housing Solutions, "Last Saturday Dinner" provides food at the end of the month with funds are low. MBA faculty and students plan, prepare and serve an elegant 3-course meal to Nashville's working poor.  According to Urban Housing Solutions Director Alan Mazer, "it is more than a meal being served to hungry people (which, by itself, would have been worthwhile).  It becomes an event." In addition, students take a brief tour of the Mercury Court housing facility.  That leads to discussions of volunteerism in general and the challenges of homelessness in particular. 

    If you have questions or are interested in participating, contact Joe Lucas ('20).
    Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Ric Rader
  • Loaves and Fishes (Soup Kitchen)

    One of MBA's oldest and most sacred service projects, Soup Kitchen (or what is now Loaves and Fishes) is held on the first Saturday of every month at Catholic Charities, behind the Holy Name Catholic Church. MBA students meet at 9 am at MBA and carpool downtown to the church where they prepare and serve a wonderfully crafted meal to the impoverished population of Nashville. Not only do students gain valuable culinary skills, but are also exposed to the poverty situation in Nashville.

    20 students per month may participate. Advance sign-up is required.

    Students from all grades are invited to participate.

    If you want to sign up or if you have questions, contact Aditya Pryadarshi ('19) or Marcus Le ('19).
    Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Ric Rader
  • MBA Parking

    To help offset the cost of MBA's many service projects, MBA charges a fee to park in the Vine Street lot during home football games. MBA students man the lot from 5:00 - 7:00 pm. Proceeds go to the MBA Service Club.

    Students from all grades are invited to participate.

    If you have questions or want to participate, contact Bela Arwen or Felix Arwen both class of 2019.
    Faculty Sponsor: Mr. Will Norton
  • Nashville Food Project

    The Nashville Food Project, formerly known as Mobile Loaves and Fishes, is held on the fifth Saturday of the month. Students arrive at the Woodmont Christian Church field house (where they sell the pumpkins on Hillsboro Road around Halloween) to prepare approximately 75 bag lunches and then load them into one of the specialized Food Project trucks and drive to a predetermined neighborhood or downtown location to hand the lunches out to those in need. 
    Due to the limited space in the Food Project Trucks, only a few students can participate each time, but in the case of overwhelming interest, we may expand our reach and take out two truckloads (of students and lunches).
    Participation is limited to high school students.

    If you have questions or want to participate, contact Sam Dugan ('19) or William Wheeler ('19).
    Faculty Sponsors: Mr. Dick Klausner, Dr. Ric Rader
  • Paragon Mills Tutoring Program

    Paragon Mills ESL Tutoring is a service project led and run by MBA's Hispanic Achievers. We have partnered with Paragon Mills Elementary to provide English classes to our adult immigrant community. Classes are offered every Monday from 7:00pm to 8:15pm during the school year. Last year we offered 7 English classes, ranging from beginner level to advanced, and these classes are all taught by volunteers from Hispanic Achievers and the Amigos Vanderbilt University. As an incentive to facilitate our adult students' participation in these free classes, we also offer enrichment courses for school-age children and free day care for children age 4 and under. Volunteers help teach the enrichment classes, while the smaller children are cared for by a licensed teacher from Paragon Mills elementary school. 
    Our main goals are to teach English and to establish relationships with the immigrant community. For Paragon Mills elementary, those parents who accept Paragon Mills as a safe place for them and their children, tend to become more involved with the school community and their children begin to experience more success. 

    Participation is limited to high school students.
    For more information, contact Joe Owens, Jackson Link or Nikhil Peterson (all '19).
    Faculty Advisor: Daniel Paolicchi
  • Park Manor/Abe's Garden

    While MBA has had a strong connection to retirement homes Park Manor and Abe's Garden, this year we plan to connect more students to senior citizens through various activities. At Park Manor, many elderly people enjoy playing board games throughout the day, so students can get involved by spending time and forming relationships with these seniors through playing games with them. Abe's Garden is home for patients with dementia, and for many of them there, music is one of the few things that they can still enjoy. Music plays such a powerful role in their lives, and students can be part of this impact by organizing or performing music there. 

    For more information, contact Lucas Pao ('19).
    Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Cal Fuller
  • Preston Taylor Tutoring

    Each Thursday after school MBA students head to the Preston Taylor Homes area of Nashville to help children with their homework.  Volunteers gather in the Quad, travel together on an MBA bus to Preston Taylor and arrive back on the MBA campus by 5:00 p.m.  This project is a perennial favorite because the tutors can make a lasting impact on the kids whom they mentor.  Meaningful friendships easily emerge in this project.  We are exicted for another great year of tutoring!
    Participation is limited to high school students.

    For more information or to participate, contact Caleb Tolber, James Minor or T.J. Terrell, all class of 2019.
    Faculty Advisors: Mr. Jim Womack, Caroline Scholer
  • Race for the Cure

    MBA's involvement with the Susan G. Komen Foundation's Race for the Cure has grown greatly over the past several years, and we hope to continue the enthusiasm in 2018. Students lead the efforts to raise awareness of breast cancer and of the mission of the foundation and to raise money through participation in the Race for the Cure, which will be held on Saturday, October 27, 2018.  Join us this fall as we work together with Harpeth Hall to have the best team showing yet!

    The entire MBA community is invited to participate.  There will be a special service mixer for Junior School students with HH!

    If you have questions, contact Charlie Buffkin ('19).
    Faculty Sponsors: Mr. Pat Killian and Ms. Chrystal Russell.

  • Richland Creek Run

    MBA, through the Service Club, sponsors and participates in the annual Richland Creek Run, benefiting "Greenways for Nashville, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the creation, protection, preservation, and promotion of Nashville greenways." MBA students help assemble race packets in the week before the event and work in various capacities on race day. 

    All grades are invited to participate.

    Faculty Sponsors: Dr. Cal Fuller and Mr. Chris Smith
  • Rally Foundation

    Details are coming!

    For more information, contact Charlie Mason ('20) or Garrett Murphy ('19).
    Facutly Sponsor: Ms. Camille Hackney
  • Second Harvest Food Bank

    MBA's partnership with Second Harvest has been going strong for many years and promises only to grow stronger this year. Students can participate in this project in two key ways. During Homecoming Week, the Mother's Club, the Student Council and the Service Club will work jointly to collect food for the food bank, the center of the Second Harvest mission of "feed[ing] hungry people and work[ing] to solve hunger issues in our community." 

    All grades are invited to participate.

    If you have questions or want to participate, contact Scott Wallace ('21) or Richie Akatue ('20).
    Faculty Sponsor: Ms. Sarah Ellery
  • Shakespearathon

    March 29-20, 2018
    The 13th Annual “Shakespearathon” (24 hours of Shakespeare) This fundraiser benefits Endada and the Nashville Shakespeare Festival. Monies are raised by pledging participants or supporting the bake sale that day. It’ll be a fun-filled day performing Shakespeare’s plays with games and other activities inspired by the Bard. Annual favorites include the “Alas-Poor-Yorick” head toss,Backwards Hamlet, Shakespearean Lines from a Hat, Andy Griffith’sRomeo and Juliet and Sonnets at SunriseThursday & Friday (7 a.m. to 7 a.m.

    For more information contact Will Mader ('20) or Max Giorgio ('21).
    Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Cal Fuller
  • Task Force Dagger

    More information to come soon!

    Student Project Managers: Charlie Buffkin ('19), Hedges Hayworth ('20) and Pete Rowlett ('20)
    Faculty Sponsor: Mr. Mick Raney
  • Tennessee Donor Services LifeSavers

    Details are coming soon!

    For more information, contact Bela Arwen ('19) or Ian Hall ('19).
    Faculty Sponsors: Mrs. Caroline Scholer and Ms. Annie B. Williams
  • Thistle Farms

    Thistle Farms is an extraordinary organization that helps women who survived prostitution, trafficking, and addiction.  Started back in 1997,Thistle Farms offers residential services to women in need.  During their stay, women are educated and trained to live a life of their own.  Annually, MBA has a faculty vs. senior basketball game in which students will make pledges for specific activities to happen during the game.  All proceeds go straight to Thistle Farms.  Additionally, Mrs. Maddux's advisory sponsors an annual Mother's Day sale of Thistle Farms Products.  Please your mom and help others at the same time!  More details to come in the spring.  

    All grades are invited to participates.

    If you have questions or want more information, contact Scott Wallace ('21).
    Faculty Sponsosr: Mr. Kevin Anglin and Mrs. Ginny Maddux
  • UniCycle

    Details are coming soon!

    For more information contact Jason Zhu ('21).
    Faculty Sponsors: Mr. Michael Kelly and Ms. Annie B. Williams

Service Club Officers

President: Joe Stevens
Vice-President: Aditya Priyadarshi
Secretary: Aidan Niswender 
Treasurer: Jackson Link

Faculty Sponsor: Ms. Annie B. Williams
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Ric Rader

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