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Sophomore Youth Leadership Opportunity

Congratulations to this year's SYLO participants!

Bela Arwen, shadowing Ms. Sharon Pakis at Tennessee Donor Services
William Barton, shadowing Mr. Anderson Williams (MBA '95) at The Advisory Board Company
Luke Bernatavitz, shadowing Mrs. Nancy King at United States Bankruptcy Court
Bennett Blackwell, shadowing Mr. John Ozier (MBA '98) at Ole
Reed Campbell, shadowing Dr. Seth Scholer at Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Campbell Cook, shadowing Dr. Ryan Mire at Heritage Medical Associates
Gibby Gibson, shadowing Mr. Bill Hancock (MBA '95) at Bill Hancock & Associates, Healthcare Consulting
Matthew Haley, shadowing Mr. William Hastings (MBA '90) at Hastings Architecture
Brandon Hall, shadowing Mr. Rob Hoskins at DVL Seigenthaler Public Relations
Ian Hall, shadowing Mr. John Murphy at the Mayor's Office of Financial Empowerment
Jack Harrington, shadowing Mrs. Gari Cowan at CAT Financial
Brenden Harris, shadowing Dr. Chase Corn at Tennessee Orthopaedic Alliance
Cameron Jacobson, shadowing Dr. Jeff Gibson at St. Thomas Heart
Ross Johnson, shadowing Mr. Tate Mathews at Mathews Team Sports
Jackson Lyell, shadowign Mr. Jay McKnight (MBA '88) at The Christie Cookie Company
Brandon MacDonald-Surman, shadowing Mr. Eric Jones at Vanderbilt Athletics Ticketing
Alex Massad, shadowing Dr. Doug Weikert at Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Braden Myers, shadowing Mrs. Kara Babin Gee at Smith Gee Studio
Casey Newell, shadowing Mr. Doug Oliver (MBA '98) at Pioneer Coach
Charles Nissen, shadowing Lt. Col. Stephen Murphy at U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Kanayo Offodile, shadowing Ms. Rebecca Berrios at Metro Arts Commission
Otto Olafsson, shadowing Dr. Jan Price at Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Joseph Perazzini, shadowing Mr. Erik Cole at the Mayor's Office of Economic Opportunity and Empowerment
John Preston, shadowing Mr. Tayo Atanda at Bone McAllester Norton PLLC
Carson Reisinger, shadowing CW3 Chuck Eastman - U.S. Army helicopter pilot
Carlos Sonia-Garcia, shadowing Mr. Jim Kensler at Thistle Farms
Joseph Stevens, shadowing Dr. Jim Henderson at Siloam Family Health Center
William Stewart, shadowing Mr. Tim Walker at Nashville Historical Commission
Marshall Summar, shadowing Mr. Scott Potter at Metro Water Services
Andrew Sutphin, shadowing Mr. David Brown at Johnson Johnson Crabtree Architects
William Wheeler, shadowing Mrs. Martha Ivester at Google
Ethan Way, shadowing Mr. Jim Higgins at Higgins Law Firm
Frank Wilk, shadowing The Honorable Joe Binkley (MBA '62) at Fifth Circuit Court of Davidson County

The MBA Sophomore Youth Leadership Opportunity (SYLO) is a program designed to provide MBA Sophomores with an interactive leadership opportunity involving some of Nashville’s most prominent business and civic leaders.  
Selected MBA Sophomores will spend Thursday night, March 2, at dinner with volunteer adult leaders and all day on Friday, March 3, “shadowing” one of the volunteer leaders.  Students will also attend mandatory orientation meetings on February 15, February 22, and March 1, and will attend a mandatory follow-up meeting on March 8.  Any conflicts on these dates must be discussed in advance with Ms. Annie B. Williams, who coordinates the program.
The leadership opportunities’ categories and the Nashville civic and business leaders will be from some or all of the following areas:
  • business (sports, sales/manufacturing, entertainment and other fields)
  • law
  • non-profit community endeavors
  • education
  • government
  • medicine
  • the arts

Application Instructions
To apply for this opportunity, the student must
1. be a Sophomore in good standing,
2. be passing all classes, and 
3. complete the online application by clicking here.
The deadline for submitting your application is Tuesday, January 24.  10th Grade faculty members, class sponsors, class advisors and others will read the papers to select the students for this opportunity. 

Important Dates

Tuesday, January 24 – electronic application due to Ms. Annie B. Williams
Wednesday, February 15, 9:40 a.m. – orientation meeting – Pfeffer
Wednesday, February 22, 9:40 a.m. – second planning meeting – Pfeffer

Wednesday, March 1, 9:40 am - final pre-shadow meeting - Pfeffer
Thursday, March 2, 6:15 p.m. – introduction dinner with mentors – Zimmerman Hall
Friday, March 3 – SHADOW DAY! – details to be arranged with individual mentors
Wednesday, March 8, 9:40 am – debriefing and thank you note writing – DPS

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