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A school for boys in grades 7 - 12. Founded in 1867.
Mothers Club

Mothers Club Board

The Mothers Club has an Executive Board, which is the officers of the Club, and a General Board, which consists of the Chairs of each Committee. All mothers are welcome and encouraged to attend the Mothers Club Meetings. Please click "Volunteer Job Descriptions" for more information about each position.  Please refer to your directory for contact information on board members.

Executive Board

​​​​​​​  Ashley Edwards
President-Elect​​​​​​  Susan Weathersby
Recording Secretary ​​​​Cara Crews
Communications Coordinator Deborah Wallace
Communications Coordinator Website/Newsletters​  Kara Kolstad
Volunteer Coordinator​​​​​  Tracy Crawford
Community Events​​​​​  Stephanie Galanter
Treasurer  ​​​​​​​Sarah Loving
Treasurer-Elect​​​​​​  Belinda McSween
Square Coordinator​  Jenny Freeland
Class Mother Coordinator  ​​​​​Jennifer Hoffman
Class Mother Step Up  ​​​​​Natalie Carr
Reports Coordinator​​​​​  Lara Green

General Board

Admissions Liaisons 
Barbara Keith Payne 
Carolyn Thombs 
Denise Bellardo 
Debbie Segers 
Admissions Preview Day 
Robyn Moore 
Mary Wilson 
Art Show-Chairs 
Stephanie Conner 
Kindy Hensler 
Meg Haley-Step Up 
Anne Trainer-Step Up 
Stephanie Myers-Step Up 
Big Red Store Coordinators 
Belinda McSween 
Heather Pacconi 
Danna Ryan-Step Up  
Suzanne Stewart-Step Up 
Tonya Stevens-Step Up 
Blazers & More-Used Clothing Sale 
Julie Roberts 
Ellen Hitt 
Rachel Beavers 
Belinda McSween 
Carnival-Cake Walk & Ice Cream Stand 
Laura Dovan 
Jennifer Caver 

Closet Coordinator 
Catherine Moore 
Community Events 
Rosemary McIlhenny 
Donna Summar 
Jamie Vaughan 
Kendall Flanagan 
Exchange Family Support 
Tanisha Hall
Natalie Carr 
Edith Kirkland
Kathy Schwartz 
Faculty & Staff Appreciation- 
Birthday Bundlets 
Jennifer Gaw 
Julia Wilk 
Faculty & Staff Appreciation Lunch 
Samara Silvester 
Caroline Lindsey 
Faculty Dinner & JS Parents Night 
Anita Barnes 
Meredith Griffith 
Faculty Dinner & HS Parents Night 
Lolly Brown 
Meredith Frankum 
Lauren Tumminello 
Fall Kick-Off Coffee 
Kate Mastrapasqua 
Elizabeth Bertani 
Cara Crews 
Flower Coordinator 
Meghan Owen 
Flower Committee 
Julia Gaw 
Beth Smith 
Sharon Sandahl 
Kara Kolstad 
Caroline Lindsey 
Elizabeth Hancock 
Jessica Deerkoski 
Frances Tyrone 
Rinki Jain 
Freshman Homecoming Committee 
Paige Hill
Wendy Estopinal 
Andra Perkerson 
Dawn Looney 
Chasity Phillips 
High School Commencement Reception 
Hayden Avery 
Martha Hayworth 
Holiday Decorations 
Heather Cain 
Julie Roberts 
Holiday Gifts 
Doris Grant 
Influential Teachers Reception 
Shawn Haile 
Louise Walker 
Junior School Representatives (Conference Day Faculty & Staff Lunch; Admissions Interview Day; Grandparents Day) 
Laurie Cian 
Margo Elder 
Julie Walker 
Nancy Ricciardelli 
JS Commencement Reception 
Jill Stroud
Shea Ghertner 
Mother/Son Spring Breakfast 
Paula Kinard 
Lella Wilbanks 
New Parent Coordinators 
Lowry Harrington 
Heidi Garber 
Meaghen Greene 
Photographer and Social Media 
Tracy Patterson 
New Parents Picnic Coordinators 
Paige Roddey 
Kemp Buntin 
Poinsettia Sales 
Laura Sewell 
Mary Sensing 
Murray Smartt 
Project Graduation for Seniors 
Elizabeth Sullivan 
Lori Turner 
Eleanor Nahley 
Mary McGee Lyell 
Paige Green 
Julie Brown 
Ashley Levi 
Natalie Ozburn 
Ashley Henry 
Sherri Giorgio 
Tamara Hart 
Sarah Fairbank 
Senior Mother/Son Spring Luncheon 
Cathy Lucas 
Blair McEvoy 
Shopping Partners 
Melissa Laffer 
Beth Holzapfel 
Monica Farner 
Spaghetti Supper Chairs 
Manju Kandula 
Amy Brown 
Sports Program Ad Sales & Distribution 
Lara Green 
Jessie Zeigler 
Meg Manning 
Sunshine Committee Coordinators 
Beth McRae 
Donna Roach 
Julianne Graham 
Stacey Andrews 

Montgomery Bell Academy

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