Mothers Club

Community Inclusion Committee

Mothers of students at MBA are automatically considered members of the Mothers Club. To help ensure that all moms know they have a place in the Mothers Club, we formed the Community Inclusion Committee. The Mothers Club supports the Mission of Diversity and Inclusion of MBA, and this means that we embrace mothers of any race, sexual orientation, cultural identity, socio-economic status, religion, and physical ability.

We are thrilled to announce that Mothers Club Inclusion Coordinator, Sridevi “Sri” Chandra, is returning to serve a second year in this position on the Mothers Club Executive Board. We would also like to announce the following new subcommittees and welcome the news chairs for the 2020-2021 School Year:

Fall & Winter Community Inclusion Breakfast Chairs
Parul Goyal, Neeraja Peterson, Rachel Robinson & Lasa Rucker
College Admissions Community Panel Chairs
Angali Lewis & Pasha Versa
Spring Plant Sale Chairs:
Jennifer Higgs & Anne Elizabeth Tachek 
    • Sridevi “Sri” Chandra

      Inclusion Coordinator

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