Mothers Club

New Leadership

Photo credit Darin Hall, Class of 2022
2021-2022 Mothers Club Leadership
Executive Board:

President – Kristi Skeeters
President-Elect – Jeanie Dayani
Class Mother Coordinator – Tonya Stevens
Class Mother Coordinator, Step-Up – Madie Smith
Communications Coordinator – Email - Kendall Flanagan
Communications Coordinator – Website – Suzanne Stewart
Inclusion Coordinator – Mia Johnson
Online Sales Coordinator – Alyce Ory
Recording Secretary – Amy Smith
Reports Coordinator – Jill Stroud
Treasurer – Julie Allen
Treasurer-Elect – Jennifer Viars
Volunteer Coordinator – Kalpana Gowda
General Board:

Admission Liaisons – Laurie Harris, Emily Mabry, Rachel Robinson, Lauren Ross
Admissions Preview Day Chairs
– Leslie Dabrowiak, Mary Helfrich
Art Show Chairs
– Wylie Franks, Mimi Gannon, Kelly Shirley
Art Show Chairs, Step-Up - Kelley Durham, Lou Everhart, Jada Scruggs

Big Red Store Chairs -
Kitsie Hayles, Beth Kirkland, Edith Kirkland

Big Red Store Chairs, Step-Up -
J’Anne Cox, Beth Holzapfel, Alice Wall

Blazers & More Sale Chairs – Belinda McSween, Rachel Beavers, Julie Roberts, Libba
Durrett, Tricia Ambrose, Emily Floyd

Carnival Chairs
– Hylyn Davé, Shannon McGuffin

Community Events & Lecture Series Chairs
– Rosemary McIlhenny, Jamie Vaughan

Community Inclusion Events Chairs – Deidre Duker, Parul Goyal, Jennifer Higgs, Anjali

Endada Arts Festival Chairs
– Kira Roberts, Caroline Lindsey, Emily Nutt

Facilities Chair
– Mary Pierce

Faculty/Staff Appreciation Luncheon Chairs –
Christie Bragg, Kisha Campbell, Ashley Levi

Faculty/Staff Birthday Chairs –
Natalie Carr, Amanda Sinclair, Lisa Spellman

Faculty Dinner-High School
Parent Night Chairs– Ansel Cline, Laura Travis

Faculty Dinner – Junior School
Parents Night Chairs– Mari-Kate Hopper, Julie Schneider

Fall Kick Off Coffee Chairs
– Elizabeth Bertani, Eboni Heron, Kelli Myers, Mary Sensing

Flower Chair
– Laura Stone

Flower Committee
– Elinor Adams, Tricia Hastings, Laurie Ramón, Katie Sturdivant

Freshman Homecoming Dinner Chairs – Elizabeth Coble, Dixie Cooper, Jessica Jennings, Tricia Hall

High School Commencement Reception Chairs
– Ashley Henry, Natalie Ozburn

Holiday Decorations Chairs– Liza Coleman, Lynn Proctor

Holiday Gifts for Faculty & Staff Chair – Jane Klassen

Holiday Marketplace Chairs– Tracy Crawford, Cathy Krumm

Influential Teacher Reception Chairs – Lowry Harrington, Beth Weatherford

International Exchange Chairs – Natalie Carr, Rachel Chamblin, Tanisha Hall

Jr. School Commencement Reception Chairs – Kelly Frazier, Jayne Robinson

Jr. School Representatives– Emily Hardcastle, Amy Robbins, Whitney Musser, Laura Perkins

Library Volunteer Chair
– Shae Uden

Mothers Club Closet Chair
– Kelsey Jackson

Mothers Club Social Media Chair –
Chasity Phillips

Mother/Son Breakfast Chairs – Tamika Reed, Amy Richards, Anne Trainer

Mothers of New Alumni Chairs
– Cara Crews, Lella Wilbanks

New Parent Outreach Chairs
– Cara Connolly, Angela Darling, Jennifer Riven, Dana Taft

New Student/Parent Orientation Dinner Chairs – Cathy Lucas, Blair McEvoy

Poinsettia Sale Chairs
– Sarah Barnard, Lolly Brown, Laura Dovan, Elizabeth Hancock

Project Graduation Chiars – Ali Davis, Stephanie Dittenhafer, Belinda McSween, Andra Perkerson

Prom Tuxedo Rental Chairs
– Meaghen Green, Angela Rzasnicki

Senior Mother/Son Luncheon Chairs
– Robinette Gaston, Shawn Haile

Shopping Partners Chairs
– Bree Abernathy, Julie Caldwell

Spaghetti Supper Chairs –
Lara Green, Beth Kost

Sports Program Ad Sales Chairs­ – Catherine Plato, Paige Roddey, Megan Neumann, Katie Woodcock
Spring Plant Sale Chairs – Catherine Beemer, Kim Patikas
Student Art Receptions Chairs – Christy Echols, Marguerite Orndorff, Jessica Viner
Student Music Receptions Chairs – Jill Golczynski, Jane Anne Pilkinton, Chris Burns
Student Theater Receptions Chairs – Elizabeth Sharpe, Amy Seigenthaler, Ashley Gold

Sunshine Committee Chairs – Ashley Cook, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Ashley Lane, Stephanie Pease
2021-2022 Class Moms:
7th Grade
Kelly Dillon
Irene Head
Kate Pennington
Ali Warner
8th Grade
Susanna Allen
Sri Chandra
Laura Rouse
Berkley Schwarz
9th Grade
Brooke Keane
Caroline Nail
Marnee Tyrrell
Kimberly White
10th Grade
Susan Guy
Katherine McMillen
Rosemary VerHulst
Kathleen Williams
11th Grade
Jenny Frank
Wendy Gatto
Noelle Kinser
Lauren Tumminello
12th Grade
Lisa Cheek
Jennifer Erickson
Regina Offodile
Heather Pacconi

Executive Board

    • Executive Board

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