Mothers Club

Blazers and More Sale

The MBA Blazers and More Sale is a boys clothing consignment sale that is open to former and present MBA families as well as the general public.  Items in the sale are seasonal including MBA appropriate clothing such as navy blazers, pants, collared shirts, MBA logo clothing (hoodies, sports clothing, etc) as well as accessories like belts and ties.  We also allow dress shorts in the Spring sale. 
Consignors receive 50% of their items sold; all other proceeds benefit the MBA Mothers Club.  Consignors are responsible for hanging, tagging and dropping off their items at the designated drop-off times/locations.  

2020-2021 Sale Dates*

**NEW** Combined Blazers and More and Big Red Store Back to School Sale:
August 1st (drop off date July 25th)

Pop-up sales
will correspond with Mothers Club meetings:
Oct 6th and March 9th in Pfeffer/Science Rotunda.

The largest sale immediately follows the Mother/Son Breakfast:
April 13th in the lobby of the Big Gym.

*tentative dates; more information to follow

Questions? Please contact Belinda McSween,

Pricing Guidelines

Blazers- boys’ $20-$35, men’s $35-$65
Pants/Shorts- $10-$15
Shirts- $10-$20
Ties/belts- $5-$10

We suggest you price MBA logo clothes 1/3 the price you paid.

*We reserve the right not to accept or to pull from the sale any items with stains, missing buttons, or other obvious imperfections.

Tagging Instructions

  • Hang all clothes on wire hangers with the hook opening facing left, EXCEPT PANTS.  Please do not hang pants, fold only.  
  • Pin 3x5 index card vertically on front right side of garment.
  • Include size, description, student ID# (found in Scholar), and price
  • Please price in whole dollar amounts; nothing under $5.00.
  • Price items NO more than 1/3 to 1/2 what you paid for them.
  • A Brooks Brothers non-iron dress shirt warrants a higher price than a Target golf shirt.
  • Very worn clothes, regardless of the brand, do NOT sell.
  • Circle in RED the price of any items you do not want to go ½ price.
Presentation and condition matter; zip zippers and button buttons!

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