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Blazers and More Sale

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Blazers and More Sale

The MBA Blazers and More Sale is a boys clothing consignment sale that is open to former and present MBA families as well as the general public.  Items in the sale are seasonal including MBA appropriate clothing such as navy blazers, pants, collared shirts, MBA logo clothing (hoodies, sports clothing, etc) as well as accessories like belts and ties.  We also allow dress shorts in the Spring sale. 
Consignors receive 50% of their items sold; all other proceeds benefit the MBA Mothers Club.  Consignors are responsible for hanging, tagging and dropping off their items at the designated drop-off times/locations.  An instructional flyer (accessed from the blue box at right of this page) contains pricing guidelines, hanging and tagging information. 
The sales for the Fall ‘18-Spring ‘19 school year are:

Wednesday, October 3 - DROP OFF - 7:30-9AM and 3-5PM
Location: Massey Courtyard (morning) and Ingram Science Bldg/Pfeffer Rotunda (afternoon)
Wednesday, October 3 - PRE-SALE SHOPPING (for consignors & volunteers) 5:30-7PM
Location:  Ingram Science Bldg/Pfeffer Rotunda
Thursday, October 4 - SALE (same day as Mothers Club Meeting from 12-1:30)
Location:  Ingram Science Bldg/Pfeffer Rotunda

SALE 2 (pop-up sale/no drop-off)
Thursday, March 7 - 1-3PM
Location: Ingram Science Bldg/Pfeffer Rotunda 

SALE 3 (big sale after Mother/Son breakfast)
Location:  Gymnasium Lobby
Monday, April 15 - DROP OFF - 7:30-9AM and 3-5PM
Monday, April 15 - PRE-SALE SHOPPING (for consignors & volunteers) 5:30-7PM

Blazers & More Sale

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