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A school for boys in grades 7 - 12. Founded in 1867.

Parent Alliance Group

Dear Parents:
Welcome to Montgomery Bell Academy! We are thrilled you are here. Our hope is that you will enrich your experience at MBA by participating in the Parent Alliance Group (PAG). PAG is an organized group of parents promoting leadership, organizational skills and community volunteerism opportunities for our boys. Our mission focuses on three objectives:
  • Building and strengthening character and integrity
  • Staying focused academically to avail themselves of MBA’s resources and realize the importance of building strong habits academically
  • Enjoying and participating in a host of extracurricular activities to broaden their perspective and deepen their involvement
Every year we look forward to the annual PAG Fruit Sale and the PAG Awards Night in May. All of the activities allow us to work together and promote the goals of PAG. Besides these annual events, PAG  prepares other exciting ways for our boys to engage in the community, including a service activity and a public speaking workshop. Please stay tuned for more information and ways you can participate.
We look forward to sharing the exciting events in this upcoming school year.

About PAG

The Parent Alliance Group (PAG) was established in 2009 by the Office of Admissions, faculty, staff and minority parents. Central to its mission, PAG was formed to assist in providing a smooth transition for incoming students while offering an avenue for current minority families to collectively support and enhance the MBA and surrounding communities. PAG is an organization that is open to all parents and students in the MBA community.
Parent Resources

PAG has many resources starting with our parents. Over the years, PAG has been able to excel due in part to the dedication and generosity of parents. In that light, PLEASE let us know if you have access to resources and or connections – large or small – friends and relatives. Examples are food, facilities, coupons, time, printing, donations, ideas, etc. It takes a village!
Please provide your name and how you can help. Someone will contact you!
When logged in to our MBA website, members of the Parent Alliance Group Community Group will find a link on their Scholar profile ("My Profile" under the Sign Out button) to the Community Group. News, photos, discussion groups, and a number of other items are available by clicking the link on your profile.

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