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About the MBA Service Club

The MBA Service Club is a student-run organization that seeks to extend the MBA community beyond the scope of the school. The group performs projects designed both to give back to the larger Nashville community and to help boys realize their own roles as leaders within our city and world.  We hope that over time MBA gentlemen will learn to appreciate their relationships with others across the sometimes limiting lines of race, ethnicity, economic status, and other group identifications and to experience the value of working together towards common good.

Community Partners & Projects

List of 30 frequently asked questions.

  • American Cancer Society

    For many years the gentlemen of MBA have honored those whose lives have been touched by breast cancer.  This year we will team up with Harpeth Hall to raise awareness about this disease which affects so many of our families and friends and to support the efforts of the American Cancer Society.  Look for information concerning a variety of activities as we approach October, the month set aside for breast cancer awareness and support.  

    Faculty Sponsors: Mr. Pat Killian, Mr. Leslie Sanderfur
  • Best Buddies

    The mission of Best Buddies of Tennessee is "to establish a global volunteer movement that creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrated employment and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities."  This will be MBA's eighth school year working with Best Buddies to further this goal.  Watch the announcements and Service Club calendar for more information and more fun opportunities.
    For more information or to participate, please contact Jack Spellman ('23) or Wiley Buenahora ('23), our student project managers.

    Faculty Sponsors: Ms. Catherine Hollifield, Mr. David Deutsch, Ms. Christian Ryland
  • Bottles for Bucks

    Information coming soon!
  • Cellophony

    Established by Hamilton Berry, class of 2003, Cellophony is a student run music concert supporting the W.O. Smith School of Music. The W.O. Smith School of Music’s mission is to provide anyone who wishes to learn music, regardless of price, the opportunity to do so. By showcasing the talent of the musicians here at MBA, we hope to spread the influence of our music in order to help children across Nashville open new doors into their own music. Cellophony originally started, as the name suggests, with cellos playing classical music, but has since expanded to a wide variety of differing genres of music. Through the growth of the show, the work and design for Cellophony has also developed immensely, now requiring a crew for setting the stage as well as for directing lights and audio. Keep an eye out for work dates as Cellophony draws nearer!
    For more information or to get involved contact Joseph Dattilo ('22) or Middleton Henry ('23).

    Faculty Sponsors: Mr. Jordan Frederick and Mrs. Jan Pippin
  • Donate Life Tennessee: LifeSavers

    MBA’s partnership with Tennessee Donor Services helps raise awareness for people to apply to become organ donors.  Many people in MBA’s community have been affected by organ and tissue donations. Thus, MBA continues to help raise awareness for the meaningful and important act of becoming a registered organ and tissue donor.  Tennessee Donor Services is a group of professionals who help facilitate organ, eye, and tissue donations throughout the Middle Tennessee area. Donate Life Tennessee is the organ and tissue donor registry that people of Tennessee can join to help save lives. 
    For more information, please contact Patrick Tatro ('23) or Jack Spellman ('23).

    Faculty Sponsors: Mrs. Caroline Scholer,  Dr Kasey Bray, and Ms. Annie B. Williams
  • Operation Stand Down Tennessee

    Operation Stand Down is a local non-profit that works to engage, equip and empower veterans and their families. They offer housing and career services to help homeless veterans get back on their feet. 

    MBA has a fundraiser called Christmas in July that raises money to take veterans shopping during the holiday season. Money is raised through selling shirts as well as collecting donations. Throughout the year, a group of boys will help prepare a meal to serve to the veterans. More details for that will be announced soon. 

    For more information or to participate, please contact Connor Carr ('23) or Conner Looney ('24), our student project managers.

    Our faculty sponsor is Mr. Calico.
  • Elijah's Heart

    The 2022-2023 school year is the first year MBA is partnering with Elijah’s Heart to bring relief to the underserved communities in Nashville through the Walk of Love. Volunteers distribute food, water, sanitary supplies, and other necessities door to door in Nashville’s most impoverished communities. Elijah’s Heart also runs the Fresh Market which provides fresh healthy produce, meats, and ready made meals to those who are in need of such commodities. We will be assisting Papa Joe and his team of volunteers and staff to set up and participate in the Walk of Love and Fresh Market. 

    For more information on volunteering and involvement, please contact Isaiah Dulin (‘23).

    Faculty Sponsor: Ms. Annie B. Williams
  • ESL Virtual Tutoring

    ESL Virtual Tutoring is a project following in the footsteps of the previous Paragon Mills Tutoring.  More information will follow soon!
  • Harpeth Conservancy

    The 2021-2022 school year was MBA’s first full year working with the Harpeth Conservancy, and we are excited for another great season of important work and enjoyable opportunities. The Harpeth Conservancy is an organization dedicated to cleaning up impacted communities around the Harpeth river and its tributaries. As we join the Conservancy with making our local ecosystems a cleaner place, volunteers will help clean up trash, create new habitats for animals, and many more fun projects. 

    For more information about volunteering or how you can get involved, please contact Britton Busbee (‘24) and Will Kiessling ('24), our project managers.

    Faculty Sponsor: Mr. Edd Caudill
  • Holiday Market

    This year's Holiday Market will be held on December 3, 2022.  More information to follow soon as to how you can help with Service Club fundraising.  Follow us on Instagram @mbaserviceclub to see the latest!

    For more information please contact Nate Cantrell ('23), Max Hocker ('23) or Roc Bueno ('25).

    Faculty Sponsor: Ms. Annie B. Williams
  • Just.Glass

    The MBA Service Club is in the sixth year of our partnership with the Just.Glass recycling project of Justice Industries, a non-profit organization that builds self-sustaining businesses like Just.Glass to employ and empower people who are working hard to break free from the cycle of poverty.  By recruiting customers for Just.Glass, MBA helps Justice Industries give people good jobs helping our environment.  At the same time, by giving the MBA Service Club a portion of the recycling service fees paid by customers recruited by MBA, Justice Industries helps the Service Club raise funds to support our other projects.  RECYCLE your glass, BREAK the cycle of poverty, and support the MBA Service Club ... at the same time!

    To sign up for Just.Glass home glass recycling, click here.

    Students from all grades are invited to participate.

    For more information or to participate in our Just.Glass project, contact William Holleman ('22), Cabe Tachek ('22) or Braden Zeigler ('22).

    Faculty Sponsor: Mr. Tom Markham
  • Last Minute Toy Store

    Each of the past twenty-five years, The Last Minute Toy Store has distributed free toys and other gifts to thousands of low-income children and youth who live in Davidson County. Parents visit the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office Service Center over a long weekend in December and are taken "shopping" through the store with the assistance of a volunteer who carries their bag and helps them pick out suitable toys for their kids. MBA serves a truly vital role throughout these three days. Whether a shopping assistant, a translator for Spanish-speaking families, or a bag-to-car carrier, students are essential for the store to run smoothly. MBA also supports the store during the setup and breakdown periods. The project runs from early in the morning to late in the afternoon and daily attendance is not required (any amount of days is great help). Lunch is provided every day and it's impossible not to meet handfuls of incredibly nice people- both volunteers and families coming to shop.  Stay tuned for 2021 dates and hours!

    Students from all grades are invited to participate.

    If you have questions or are interested in participating, contact Matthew Thayer ('22), Billy Jones ('22) or Evan Smith ('23).

    Faculty Sponsors: Mr. Ben Trotter, Mr. David Deutsch
  • Last Saturday Dinners with Urban Housing Solutions

    Sponsored by Urban Housing Solutions, "Last Saturday Dinner" provides food at the end of the month when funds are low. MBA faculty and students plan, prepare and serve an elegant 3-course meal to Nashville's working poor.  According to Urban Housing Solutions Director Alan Mazer, "it is more than a meal being served to hungry people (which, by itself, would have been worthwhile).  It becomes an event." In addition, students take a brief tour of the Mercury Court housing facility.  That leads to discussions of volunteerism in general and the challenges of homelessness in particular.

    If you have questions or are interested in participating, contact Maxwell Rzasnicki ('23), or Charlie McIntyre (‘24).

    Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Michael Marro

  • Loaves and Fishes Community Meal

    One of MBA's oldest and most sacred service projects, Soup Kitchen (or what is now Loaves and Fishes) is held on the first Saturday of every month at Catholic Charities, behind the Holy Name Catholic Church. MBA students meet at 9 am at MBA and carpool downtown to the church where they prepare and serve a wonderfully crafted meal to the impoverished population of Nashville. Not only do students gain valuable culinary skills, but are also exposed to the poverty situation in Nashville.

    Right now, we are serving a limited amount of people due to COVID. We hope to be back in full force soon!

    Students from all grades are invited to participate.

    If you want to sign up or if you have questions, contact Connor Carr ('23), Simon Cian ('23) or Jude Bueno ('24).

    Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Ric Rader
  • MBA Parking

    To help offset the cost of MBA's many service projects, the Service Club charges $5 for people to park in the parking garage (Wilson Boulevard side of campus) during home football games. MBA students will be at the lot from 5:15 - ten minutes prior to kick-off. 

    Students from all grades are invited to participate.

    If you have any questions or want to participate, email Ethan Bandaccari (‘23) or Jack Smithwick (‘25).

    Faculty Sponsor: Mrs. Lakresha Easley
  • Mending Hearts

    This is our third year of starting a community service relationship between MBA and Mending Hearts.  Their mission is to provide shelter, hope and healing to women who are homeless due to their addictions and/or co-occurring mental health disorders.  Mending Hearts was founded in 2004 by Katrina and Charlotte Frierson, who overcame their own personal struggles with addiction and homelessness and felt a calling to help other women in overcoming their addictions.  Their program, available to women for up to 2 years, provides the full continuum of care from medically monitored residential detox, Intensive Outpatient Program, Peer Support Community with transitional recovery housing, help with job placement and permanent housing, and ongoing peer support. It serves women who are indigent, low income or uninsured – women who often don’t qualify for or can’t afford addiction treatment at other facilities.  They have never turned away a woman in need based on her inability to pay for treatment. Service projects will include 4 various Saturday projects at their campus in the Nations throughout the year.
    Students in grades 9-12 are invited to participate.
    For questions or more information, contact Jack Kim (’22), Kayman Cooke ('22) or Reed Sullivan ('23).

    Faculty Sponsors:  Mr. Dan Herring, Ms. Jane McMahon
  • Nashville Food Project

    The Nashville Food Project has been “Bringing people together to grow, cook and share nourishing food, with the goals of cultivating community and alleviating hunger in our city.” This project was born with the goal of providing access to food for those who can not afford it in Nashville. The Nashville Food Project works as a mobile Loaves & Fishes, and with the help of volunteers and community groups like that of MBA, the non-profit is able to grow organic food in their community gardens; cook recovered, donated, and garden-grown food in their kitchens; and provide these made-from-scratch meals to those in need. 
    MBA serves with the Nashville Food Project on the third Saturday of each month from 12:00-2:30 p.m. at the River Chase Apartments. Because of coronavirus, MBA has not delivered since March but is now raising money to pay for meals as a substitute. MBA hopes to resume delivery as soon as possible, and students from the high school are invited to participate.

    To donate to Nashville Food Project, email serviceclub@montgomerybell.edu.
    If you have questions or are interested in participating, please contact Jack Keller (‘22) or Jack Cheek (‘22).
    Faculty Sponsors: Dr. Ric Rader, Dr. Tom Cirillo
  • Park Manor/Abe's Garden

    MBA has a powerful, rewarding connection with the elderly residing at Abe's Garden and Park Manor retirement homes. This strong connection was interrupted during the covid lockdown, but MBA will return to its regular visits with precautions, such as presenting vaccination cards at the front desk. MBA musicians and singers perform a monthly medley of songs for residents of Abe's Garden (a senior home for patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s) and Park Manor. Additionally, at Park Manor, many elderly people enjoy playing board games and working on puzzles during their activity period with MBA students. MBA students also volunteer on the Abe's Garden side of the project in various ways with residents who have Alzheimer's disease. The generational connection of MBA students with the elderly in our community is a win-win for both the young and the old. The residents appreciate the music and the companionship, while reciprocally, the MBA boys enjoy the chance to make the day brighter for the seniors.

    If you have any questions or are interested in participating, contact Ely McRae ('23) or Colin Hande (‘25).

    Faculty Sponsors: Dr. Cal Fuller, Ms. Nikki Wilson
  • Past Preservers

    More information to come soon!
  • Rally Foundation

    Details are coming!  

    Facutly Sponsor: Ms. Camille Hackney
  • Richland Creek Run

    MBA, through the Service Club, sponsors and participates in the annual Richland Creek Run, benefiting "Greenways for Nashville, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the creation, protection, preservation, and promotion of Nashville greenways." MBA students help assemble race packets in the week before the event and work in various capacities on race day. 

    All grades are invited to participate.

    For more information, please contact John Powers ('21).

    Faculty Sponsors: Dr. Cal Fuller and Mr. Chris Smith
  • Saturday Scholars

    This tutoring program primarily in East Nashville started in 2019, with MBA boys visiting the East Park Community Center one Saturday a month.  With great reviews and at the request of local families, we extended our tutoring sessions to twice a month.  After the tornado and the rise of COVID-19, we again altered this program to fit the needs of the community, going totally virtual in our partnership with the students of East Nashville.  The program continues to evolve and now involves weekly one-on-one online tutoring and enrichment sessions with students from a variety of East Nashville schools.

    Students from East Nashville schools are invited to join us every Saturday from 9:30-10:30 am.  During the times of COVID-19, all Saturday Scholars sessions will be remote.

    This is a free service to our community.  There is no charge.

    For more information or to sign up as a tutor, contact William Hagerty ('22), Paul McGinn ('22) or Carter Ozburn ('23).

    Faculty Sponsors: Mrs. Caroline Scholer, Mr. Kevin Watkins 

    You may also visit our Community Education page for all of the details.
  • Second Harvest Food Bank

    MBA's partnership with Second Harvest has been going strong for many years and promises only to grow stronger this year. Students can participate in this project in two key ways. During Homecoming Week, the Mother's Club, the Student Council and the Service Club will work jointly to collect food for the food bank, the center of the Second Harvest mission of "feed[ing] hungry people and work[ing] to solve hunger issues in our community." 

    Students will also work at Second Harvest to sort donated items.  The first session is scheduled for Saturday, October 24.  Please note that this participation depends on proper COVID-19 safety measures.  Physical distancing, mask wearing and other measures will be in place.

    All grades are invited to participate.

    If you have questions or want to participate, contact Simon Cian ('23) or Andy Nunn ('23).

    Faculty Sponsor: Ms. Sarah Ellery
  • Small World Yoga

    Small World Yoga and MBA have come together to help underserved kids in Nashville.  Last year, we partnered with Youth Encouragement Services to do yoga and help with homework after school.  We are waiting for our Small World Yoga assignment for 2022-23 and are hoping to have outings several times per month.  There will be yoga training at MBA for 3 weeks at the beginning of every semester, so there is no need for previous yoga experience.  

    All students are welcome to help out and if you have any questions please contact Yatish Jindal (‘23) or William Dean (‘24). 

    Faculty Sponsor: Ms. Hannah Stone
  • Thistle Farms

    Thistle Farms is an extraordinary organization that helps women who survived prostitution, trafficking, and addiction.  Started back in 1997,Thistle Farms offers residential services to women in need.  During their stay, women are educated and trained to live a life of their own.  Annually, MBA has a faculty vs. senior basketball game in which students will make pledges for specific activities to happen during the game.  All proceeds go straight to Thistle Farms.  Additionally, Mrs. Maddux's advisory sponsors an annual Mother's Day sale of Thistle Farms Products.  Please your mom and help others at the same time!  More details to come in the spring.  

    All grades are invited to participates.

    Faculty Sponsors: Mr. Kevin Anglin and Mrs. Ginny Maddux
  • UniCycle

    Details are coming soon!  Please hold tight as we work to modify this project for the times of COVID-19.

    For more information contact Carter Gold ('22).
    Faculty Sponsors: Dr. Tom Cirillo
  • Vanderbilt Children's Hospital Dance Marathon

    Dance Marathon is a movement uniting university and high school students across North America. Students spend a year gaining leadership, teamwork and business experience while raising funds and awareness for Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt. The year culminates with a 4 - 24 hour event (the dance marathon) on each campus where students get to meet patient families treated at their local hospital, participate in games and dancing, enjoy entertainment, and reveal their annual fundraising total.  MBA will host our dance marathon on January 24, 2020.
    Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt is one of the nation's leading children's hospitals, treating and helping to prevent a full range of pediatric health issues from colds and broken bones to complex heart diseases and cancer. Achieving 10 out of 10 nationally ranked pediatric specialties in 2019, Children’s Hospital was again named among the nation’s “Best Children’s Hospitals” for the 13th consecutive year by U.S. News & World Report.

    Children's Hospital, a nonprofit organization, opened in 2004, expanded its physical space in 2012, and is currently adding four new floors and 160,000 total sq. ft. The new expansion will help advance the size and scope of the hospital's mission. For more about Children’s Hospital, visit ChildrensHospitalVanderbilt.org  
    For more information contact Parker Davis ('22).
    Faculty Sponsors: Miss Amanda Dreher, Mrs. Jamie O'Neal
  • Wreaths Across America

    This is a new project in 2021.  More information to follow soon!
  • Youth Encouragement Services

    Information coming soon!

Service Club Officers 2022-2023

President: Connor Carr
Vice-President: Jack Spellman
Secretary: Maxwell Rzasnicki
Treasurer: Nate Cantrell

Faculty Sponsor: Ms. Annie B. Williams 
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Ric Rader
Junior School Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Tom Cirillo
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