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Members of the MBA Service Club have for decades offered academic support to students throughout Nashville.  Whether tutoring and mentoring in after school programs, helping our immigrant neighbors with their English or working to boost the math, reading and spelling skills of East Nashville kids on Saturdays, they have shared their knowledge with and learned from folks throughout our greater community.  

The Service Club is proud to expand on this tradition with two new programs: Saturday Scholars and PEERs.  Please take a minute to read the information below, and if you are interested, register using the links provided.

Saturday Scholars: Register here!
PEERs: Sign-up here!

Saturday Scholars

MBA's Saturday Scholars is a community tutoring program that offers academic support and entrichment to the students of East Nashville.

How Does Saturday Scholars Work?

Are you having a hard time with remote learning?  Are you trying to work and keep your child up to par on his/her work?  Does your daughter need a little extra math help?  Would you like her to brush up on her reading skills?  Is science giving your son a run for his money?  

The boys of Montgomery Bell Academy are excited to introduce you to Saturday Scholars!  Students from East Nashville schools are invited to join us for tutoring and enrichment activities every Saturday from 9:30-10:30 am, starting August 29.  During the times of COVID-19, all Saturday Scholars sessions will be remote.

This is a free service to our community.  There is no charge.

How Do I Sign-Up for Saturday Scholars?

Register here to participate.  Please fill out a separate form for each child.  Once you have registered, a tutor will be assign to each student for a one-on-one session via Google Meet or Facetime.  That tutor will contact you to set up the meeting.


If you have questions or need further information, please email us at or call Annie B. Williams at 615-369-5333.

PEERs: Positive Engaging Educational Relationships

PEERs connects academically passionate and talented students, enabling peer-to-peer exchange of resources for accelerated and independent learning.

What is PEERs?

PEERs (Positive Engaging Educational Relationships) is a student-run and student-led organization that aims to build beneficial relationships among passionate and driven students through open discussions, classes, and workshops. These meetings serve to create a space for peers to collaborate across a wide variety of academic subjects, whether that collaboration is in the form of teaching or back-and forth discussion. If you are looking to advance academically or share a passion with other students, register for PEERs today!

How do I register for a PEERs session?

PEERs offers different types of sessions for each subject. We offer a more structured, class-like meeting that involves more direct teaching given by one of our PEERs Leaders. We also offer a free-flowing discussion where passionate students share interesting ideas and problems within a subject. Right now, all of our sessions are conducted virtually via Zoom. Click here to register for a meeting today! 

How do I become a PEERs leader?

If you are interested in becoming a PEERs Leader who organizes and runs meetings and classes for certain academic subjects, please contact us at with your name, school, grade level, and subjects in which you feel comfortable to run meetings. 


If you have questions or need further information, contact us at

Montgomery Bell Academy

4001 Harding Road
Nashville, TN 37205
(615) 298-5514