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Tearing Down The Walls

Tearing Down the Walls

In the summer of 2019, several juniors and seniors (Brycen Brown, Kiran Peterson, Jacob Hanai, John Thornton, Emanuel Barrett, and Maxwell Battle) created the Tearing Down the Walls Club. We founded this club in response to a charge at the end of a two-day Southeastern Diversity Conference at Vanderbilt University called Tearing Down the Walls. TDW promotes constructive conversations about race relations, respect for any and all sexual orientations, and social justice. Our mission is to create action through conversation by inviting all-school speakers, hosting monthly discussions, writing in the school paper, and organizing events such as panel discussions. We often collaborate with Ensworth to reach beyond the MBA community. Check out our page for upcoming plans, past events/speakers, and more general info.

Black History Month

MBA is proud to welcome Alice Randall and her daughter, Caroline Randall Williams, to collaborate at assemblies during Black History Month. As part of educating about Black History, MBA is featuring Alice Randall’s latest novel, Black Bottom Saints. The novel, narrated by Ziggy Johnson, paints the portraits of several Saints from Black History. Black Bottom was a neighborhood in Detroit during the first half of the 20th century, becoming a vibrant hub of black culture. Both Alice Randall and her daughter will speak at assemblies during the month of February, talking to MBA about Black History, centering on the area of Black Bottom and the Saints featured in Black Bottom Saints. In addition, we will have a presentation on a Saint from the novel and a performance in each assembly! For more info, click here for a resource gallery.

Student Leadership

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Faculty Sponsors

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    Mr. Michael "Michael" Kelly 

    Montgomery Bell Academy
    Associate Dean of the High School, English Teacher, S&C, MLK Society
    University College Cork, Ireland - BA
    University College Cork - Higher Diploma in Education
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    Mr. John "Jake" Lawrence 04

    Appalachian State University - Post Graduate Certificates
    University of Tennessee - BA
    Appalachian State University - MA
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    Ms. Camille "Camille" Hackney 

    Agnes Scott College - BA
    Universidad de Alcala de Henares - MA

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