MBA-HH Trip to Lithuania A Success

From June 10 through June 17 five MBA 8th graders and three MBA teachers joined four students and two teachers from Harpeth Hall to travel throughout Lithuania after a year-long collaboration that also included students and teachers from the Lithuanian School for Health Sciences (LSMU) in Kaunas, Lithuania.  During the school year, the MBA and HH students read Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys, We Are Here: Memories of the Lithuanian Holocaust by Ellen Cassedy, and Experiencing Lithuania: An Unconventional Travel Guide by Columbia Warren before meeting with a survivor of the Holocaust in Vilnius, LT and members of the Laptev Sea Survivors Fraternity in Rumsiskes, LT.  The MBA and HH students also exchanged emails with students at LSMU during the school year before meeting them on June 13.  The group of nearly 40 teachers and students from the three schools attended the commemoration of the soviet deportations held by the Laptev Sea survivors, many of whose stories are depicted in Between Shades of Gray.  The group then visited the Hill of Crosses, the Ninth Fort, a Cold War nuclear missile silo, Arvydas Sabonis's famous basketball academy, and the Vilnius TV Tower where 13 Lithuanian's lost their lives in the 1991 resistance effort against the Soviets.  More information and pictures can be found on the blog by Will McMurray:

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