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Building Her Family's Legacy: Rosemary McIlhenny

Rosemary McIlhenny is not a native to Nashville.  She is not a part of an MBA legacy; no brother or father who attended.  Yet she is creating that legacy now, as her sons, John ('19) and Frank ('23) Dinkins both attend.  "My boys love the community of MBA," she says.  "They love and cherish their friendships."  
Ms. McIlhenny says, "it's enriching to me as a parent to be a part of this community and give my time to MBA."  She is an avid volunteer for a number of projects on campus including the chef suppers - known around MBA as "Friend-raisers" rather than fundraisers.  
She recognizes the importance of giving to the school and has supported the renovation of the Davis art facility.  Ms. McIlhenny appreciates the art facility because she sees it as a place to develop those talents and instill a love and appreciation of art in students.
"Even though MBA is a strongly established school that could rest where it is, it continues to grow and look forward and see what young men need to be exposed to next."  Further affirmation, in her eyes, that she has planted the roots of her family's legacy in rich soil.

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