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Science Department Faculty

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  • Photo of Eric Armstrong

    Dr. Eric Armstrong 

    Chemistry Teacher, Junior School Bowling Coach, Science Olympiad Advisor, Theater, Robotics Club
    Vanderbilt University - BS
    Emory University - PhD
    At MBA since 2014
  • Photo of Travis Barclay

    Mr. Travis Barclay 

    Science Department Chair, Physics Teacher, Football, Strength and Conditioning, Science Olympiad
    Ball State University - BS
    Ball State University - MS
    At MBA since 2005
  • Photo of Gabriel Carro

    Dr. Gabriel Carro 

    Science Teacher, Science Olympiad, Golf, Intramurals
    University of Tennessee - BS
    Vanderbilt University - MS
    Vanderbilt University - PhD
    At MBA since 2004
  • Photo of Christopher Chauvin

    Mr. Christopher Chauvin 

    Science, Athletics, Admissions, Basketball, Football, Var. Strength & Conditioning, JS Sci. tutoring
    John Hopkins University - BA
    At MBA since 2011
  • Photo of Jonathan Creamer

    Dr. Jonathan Creamer 

    Science Teacher, Science Olympiad Div. B Head Coach, Varsity Bowling Head Coach, J.S. Track
    University of Western Australia - BS
    University of Western Australia - PhD
    At MBA since 2014
  • Photo of James Dickens

    Dr. James Dickens 

    Science Teacher, Science Olympiad, Rifle, TSA/TEAMS, Service, Astronomy Club, Long Mtn Telescope
    Rhodes College - BS
    University of Massachusetts at Amherst - PhD
    At MBA since 2005
  • Photo of William Eskew

    Mr. William Eskew 16

    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - B.A.
    At MBA since 2020
  • Photo of Greg Ferrell

    Mr. Greg Ferrell 

    Director of Admission and Financial Aid, Science Teacher
    Austin Peay State University - BS
    Vanderbilt University - MS
    At MBA since 2003

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  • Photo of Albert Gillespie

    Mr. Albert Gillespie 

    Biology & IPS teacher, Strength & Conditioning Coach
    Hampden-Sydney College - B.S.
    Dartmouth College - M.A.
    Clemson University - M.S.
    At MBA since 2007
  • Photo of Meleia Greene

    Mrs. Meleia Greene 

    University of Tennessee-Martin - BS
    At MBA since 2018
  • Photo of William Hannon

    Mr. William Hannon 08

    Science Teacher, Head Science Olympiad Coach (HS), Ultimate Frisbee Coach
    Washington University in St. Louis - BS
    Montgomery Bell Academy - High School Diploma
    At MBA since 2012
  • Photo of Richard Kesor

    Mr. Richard Kesor 

    Math Teacher, Crew Head Coach
    University of Michigan, Ann Arbor - BS
    At MBA since 2016
  • Photo of Chris Lankford

    Dr. Chris Lankford 

    Vanderbilt University - PhD
    Vanderbilt University - MS
    Vanderbilt University - BEng
    At MBA since 2018
  • Photo of Michael Marro

    Dr. Michael Marro 

    Science Teacher, Science Olympiad Coordinator, Chemistry Olympiad, 11th Grade Elections, RRS Club Sp
    College of the Holy Cross - BA
    University of Notre Dame - MS
    The George Washington University - Ph.D.
    At MBA since 1999
  • Photo of Robert Pruitt

    Mr. Robert Pruitt 

    Science Teacher, Track & Field Head Coach
    Vanderbilt - BA
    Tennessee State - MS
    At MBA since 1978
  • Photo of Christopher Spiegl

    Mr. Christopher Spiegl 

    Science Teacher, Wrestling, Intramural, Recycle MBA, GLOBE
    Purdue University - BA
    Columbia University - MA
    At MBA since 1989
  • Photo of Kevin Watkins

    Mr. Kevin Watkins 

    Science Teacher
    Emory University - MS
    Dartmouth College - BA
    At MBA since 2019

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