Mathematics Department

Mathematics Department Faculty

Mathematics Department Faculty

List of 10 members.

  • Photo of Kevin Anglin

    Mr. Kevin Anglin 

    Math and Computer Teacher, 10th Grade Advisor, Varsity Basketball Head Coach
    Vanderbilt - BS
    At MBA since 2003
  • Photo of Kasey Bray

    Dr. Kasey Bray 

    Math Teacher
    University of Kentucky - PhD
    Texas Tech University - MS
    Texas Tech University - BS
    At MBA since 2019
  • Photo of Christopher Calico

    Mr. Christopher Calico 

    University of New Mexico - BS
    Lipscomb University - Master
    At MBA since 2012
  • Photo of William Compton

    Mr. William Compton 

    Mathematics, Computer Science, Track
    Davidson College - BS
    Duke University - MAT
    Tennessee State University - MBA
    At MBA since 1968
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  • Photo of Daniel Cooper

    Mr. Daniel Cooper 

    Math Teacher, Lacrosse Coach, Curricullum Committee, Junior School Recycling
    Ext. 424
    Hartwick College - BA
    At MBA since 1999
  • Photo of Michael Davidson

    Mr. Michael Davidson 

    Math Teacher, Tennis Director
    Princeton University - BA
    At MBA since 2009
  • Photo of David Deutsch

    Mr. David Deutsch 

    Comp Sci, Math Teacher, 12th Gr Sponsor, Hockey, Track, Best Buddies, Lst Min Toy Store, Room in Inn
    College of St. Thomas - BA Mathematics
    College of St. Thomas - BA Quantitative Methods and Computer Science
    At MBA since 2008
  • Photo of Matthew Golenor

    Mr. Matthew Golenor 

    Mathematics Teacher, Department Chair, 10th Gr. Sponsor, Football, Baseball
    University of Virginia - BA
    University of Virginia - MT
    At MBA since 2001
  • Photo of Dustin Hedmark

    Dr. Dustin Hedmark 

    Mathematics, Wrestling, Mathematics Contests
    University of Chicago - B.S.
    University of Kentucky - Ph.D.
    At MBA since 2017
  • Photo of Phillip Jackson

    Mr. Phillip Jackson 

    Math Teacher, Golf Head Coach
    Princeton - BSE
    Northwestern - MBA
    At MBA since 2010

List of 10 members.

  • Photo of Richard Kesor

    Mr. Richard Kesor 

    Math Teacher, Crew Head Coach
    University of Michigan, Ann Arbor - BS
    At MBA since 2016
  • Photo of John Lanier

    Mr. John Lanier 

    Mathematics Teacher, Soccer Coach, Conditioning
    Vanderbilt University - BA
    At MBA since 1976
  • Photo of Todd Moran

    Mr. Todd Moran 97

    College Counseling, Math Teacher, Football, Basketball
    Furman University - Bachelor of Science
    Belmont University - MSA
    At MBA since 2002
  • Photo of Maggie Qian

    Mrs. Maggie Qian 

    Math Teacher, Mathcounts
    Shanghai Teachers' University - BA
    At MBA since 1996
  • Photo of Michael Raney

    Dr. Michael Raney 

    West Point - US Military Academy - BS
    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute - MS
    Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute - MS
    University of Louisville - PhD
    At MBA since 2014
  • Photo of Stephen Shone

    Mr. Stephen Shone 

    Calculus AB AP, Faculty Senior Sponsor, State Math Contest, Wrestling Coach, Curriculum Committee
    West Point - BS, Engineering
    Austin Peay State University - BA, MAED
    At MBA since 2006
  • Photo of Fran Stewart

    Mrs. Fran Stewart 

    Director of the Junior School, Mathematics Teacher
    University of Tennessee-Martin - BS
    Middle Tennessee State University - M Ed
    Trevecca University - Leadership in Education
    At MBA since 2010
  • Photo of Michael Swett

    Mr. Michael Swett 06

    Math Teacher
    Lipscomb University - M.Ed
    Hampton University - BS
    At MBA since 2019
  • Photo of James Tillman

    Mr. James Tillman 

    Math Teacher, Guidance Counseling, Baseball Club
    George Peabody College - BA
    Vanderbilt University - MA
    At MBA since 1966
  • Photo of Thomas Wims

    Mr. Thomas Wims 

    Math Teacher, 7th Grade Sponsor, JS Mentoring, MBA LEAD
    615-298-5514, x.266
    Belmont University - BBA
    At MBA since 1992

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