Long Mountain Programs

Long Mountain became part of the MBA Campus in 2008, and since then, a range of outdoor programs have sprung up for MBA students. Sports teams go to Long Mountain for team-building retreats. Class officers go to develop their leadership skills through ropes course challenges. Entire classes go to strengthen community and friendship by getting away from the busyness of the city. Fathers and sons go to reconnect through fishing, canoeing, and hiking.

MBA students, faculty, alumni and families have all enjoyed retreats to Long Mountain. More and more people are going up to MBA’s Long Mountain Campus, as the completion in 2020 of the pavilion, cabins and yurts has dramatically expanded our programming and opportunities. To learn more about programs at Long Mountain, please email Below is a list of our traditional programs. 

Annual Programs and Approximate Times
July - Rising 9th Grade Long Mountain Venture
August - Elected Officer Retreat (10th-12th grades)
August - 7th Grade Retreat
October - 9th Grade Leadership Retreat
November - MBA Father-Son Retreat
November - Fellowship of Christian Athletes Retreat

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