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The MBA Garden Club had another successful plant sale during Endada this year. Please click HERE for plant care guidelines for all of the plants from this year's sale.
The Garden Club is pleased to announce our newly elected officers for the 2022-23 school year.  They are:
  • President - Caleb Kirkland
  • Vice President - Ryan Chapman
  • Secretary - JB Frederiksen
  • Social Media - Spencer Simmons
  • Crops Manager - Harrison Zoller
The Big Red Greens (Garden Club) had officer elections on the 13th of October and selected the following gentlemen for leadership this school year. Congratulations to the 2021-22 Garden Club officers!
  • President - Anson Anderson
  • Vice President - Caleb Kirkland
  • Secretary - Zach Rutter
  • Social Media - Joshua Mi
  • Crops Manager - Asher Maxwell
Additionally, Dr. Carro, Mr. Spiegl, and surprise visitor, Anson Anderson, planted two rows of garlic (Spanish Roja and Chesnok Red) for May harvest.  We love this crop!  We plant in the Fall, harvest in late Spring and get a 12-fold yield with little cultivation other than weeding and fertilizing!  And, it is so critical in so many cuisines (good for you too)!  Our late summer crops of sweet potatoes, butternut squash, and green bell peppers are pictured to the right.
Garden Club signup day, Activity Fair! 24 signups, 4 returning officers, lots of vets and a photo bomb!  Harvest picked today, 8/24/16, includes red okra, cucumbers, peppers, green beans, squash, rosemary and sweet potatoes. Dried goodies include Cherokee black beans and 13 Grandmothers corn (see photos).

The MBA Garden Club started the 2015-2016 school year with officer elections, recognizing Cole Thornton (S), Austin Streaty (P), Patrick Buttner (T), and Jack Heflin (VP) with leadership roles in the year’s planning. We put in some busy weekends in the Fall of 2015, planting garlic in September and cleaning beds, harvesting and planting bulbs along the creek for Spring 2016 color in October. Present at Fall events were: Mickey Kelly, Patrick Buttner, Austin Streaty, Cole Thornton and Jack Heflin. (pic 1) Spring color bulbs included: scillas, crocus, hyacinths, tulips, daffodils and anemones. We plan to continue adding Fall bulbs for Spring color along the creek side, below the garden, Wilson and Ingram. (pics 2, 3 and 4). We also harvested several pounds of Cherokee black beans and 13 Grandmothers native corn from our 3 sisters agriculture experiment last summer (see photos).
The MBA Garden is enjoying a marvelous growing season so far, in 2015. Spring crops included: Danvers ½ long carrots, beets, both Pronto and Detroit Dark Red varieties, six lettuces including Red Leaf Salad Bowl, Ruby Leaf, Red Romaine, Mervelle de Quatre Saisons, Little Gem Butterhead and Paris Island Cos. We really liked the Early No. 7 spinach over the traditional Bloomsdale Longstanding, both for longevity, aesthetics and taste! Premier and Russian Red from 2nd generation MBA garden seed, were our kale offerings, while DiCicco broccoli and White Vienna kohlrabi rounded out our brassicacea family fare this spring. We had volunteer dill and cilantro popping up in March, leading to some early salsas, but totally missing the fresh dill/pickle crocking overlap. Potatoes went in during Spring break this year, with Pontiac (red), Yukon Gold (yellow) and Kennebec (white) rounding out the “tater” rainbow! Red Swiss Chard, Texas sweet onions, red onions and shallots rounded out our allium edibles and let’s not forget the garlic that went in September and that we pulled and dried in May! (see photos)
Summer planting transitioned to sweet potatoes (Beauregard), tomatoes (Brandywine, Big Beef, Celebrity, Mountain Pride and in honor of Pruitt, Hillbilly), red okra, Henderson’s Bush limas, Crookneck, yellow and zucchini squash (still in production, since May), Aconcagua and Quadrato d’Asti Giallo peppers, Florence fennel, some volunteer sunflowers (pic 8,9), cucumbers and green beans thanks to the Ardisson family collaboration, and Ellery’s Latin laurel (year 3), Jack Heflin’s rosemary and spearmint (year 2) and a stray tomatillo or two from 2013.
Blue heron grazing on Kingfisher creek, Ebony jewel wing dragonfly, and Eastern Tiger swallowtail butterfly (see photos).

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