The Theater Program at Montgomery Bell Academy

The Theater Program at MBA helps students develop creative solutions to complex problems. In facing the challenges of performance, students develop sensitivity to the interpersonal relationships inherent in the collaborative process and grow as individuals, thus preparing them for all enterprises that value these qualities. 

As teachers, we spend a great deal of time discussing what “character” means. How do we “build character” both on stage and in our lives? My favorite motto by modern acting teacher Sanford Meisner is “an ounce of behavior is worth a ton of words.” This too, applies both to how we prepare a role and how we prepare ourselves for living as responsible adults. It is very important (but also complicated) to be a gentleman in our contemporary world. Theater offers a mirror for understanding these complexities; at the same time, it celebrates life’s mystery and revels in life’s joys, its comic absurdities and its sheer silliness. Moreover, while plays celebrate individuality, they also show the power of people uniting behind a shared cause. Play-making urges self-discovery and expression, yet it depends for its effectiveness on the attentive and passionate collaboration of all the artists involved.

Specifically, the theater program's curricular and extra-curricular offerings provide a history and an appreciation of drama for the beginning student, as well as extensive training and college preparation for the advanced student.

September 22 - 24
Into the Woods
Music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim; Book by James Lapine
This energetic musical intertwines plots from stories by the Brothers Grimm and explores the consequences of various characters’ wishes and quests. The musical begins with the baker and his wife and their desire to have children. A witch promises to break the curse on the couple if they complete several arduous tasks that lead them (and their more famous fairytale friends)…into the woods. Lauren Bromfield directs our twenty-fourth collaborative musical with HH. Performance times: Thursday at 6:30, Friday at 6:30 & Sat at 2:00 at HH. Reserve tickets (free for MBA & HH students, faculty and staff but required for everyone) are on sale now!  
Tickets are available at or by scanning the QR code on the poster below. To enlarge the poster, right-click and download the image to open in your preferred app.

Meet the Theater Department

List of 6 members.

  • Photo of Joseph Bromfield

    Mr. Joseph Bromfield 

    English Teacher, Theater Teacher
    University of Virginia - MFA
    London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art - Post-Graduate Diploma
    Rollins College - BA
    At MBA since 2020
  • Photo of Beau Henson

    Mr. Beau Henson 

    Latin Teacher, Theater Teacher
    University of Southern California - PhD (in progress)
    University of Southern California - MA
    Royal Conservatoire of Scotland - Master of Performance
    Vanderbilt University - BA
    At MBA since 2020
  • Photo of Cal Fuller

    Dr. Cal Fuller 

    Vis. & Perform. Arts Chair, Theater Program Director, Senior Seminar, Service Club
    Northwestern University - Ph.D.
    University of Chicago - M.A.
    Davidson College - BA
    At MBA since 1997
  • Photo of Nelson Berry

    Mr. Nelson Berry 06

    Latin Teacher, Theater, Strategy Club, 10th Gr. Concessions, International Thespian Society
    Sewanee: The University of the South - B.A.
    University of Georgia - M.A.
    At MBA since 2010
  • Photo of Hunter Woolwine

    Mr. Hunter Woolwine 12

    Theater Manager/Technical Director
    Sewanee: The University of the South - BA
    At MBA since 2017
  • Photo of Jack Chambers

    Mr. Jack Chambers 

    Network Administrator, Theatre Designer & Instructor
    Sewanee: The University of the South
    At MBA since 2015

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