The Theater Program at Montgomery Bell Academy

The Theater Program at MBA helps students develop creative solutions to complex problems. In facing the challenges of performance, students develop sensitivity to the interpersonal relationships inherent in the collaborative process and grow as individuals, thus preparing them for all enterprises that value these qualities. 

As teachers, we emphasize two things about theater from the beginning: character and collaboration. We start with the Greeks' understanding of character as moral fiber and discuss how the work of both drama and life is about building character. Perhaps the most distinctive aspect of theater as an art form is that it is collaborative. This means that if the work is to be good, then the whole group of various artists must work together with a shared vision and goal. In rehearsals, we emphasize working as an ensemble with no "star" system. Every contribution is important and necessary for opening night to happen. In classes and rehearsals, we continually emphasize cooperating together and sacrificing personal ego for the greater good of the "team" and for the excellence of the work itself. As director Constantin Stanislavski demands, "You must make up you mind, once and for all, did you come here to serve art, and to make sacrifices for its sake, or to exploit your own personal ends? " The greatest test of the success of the play, more important than numbers in the audience or praise from critics, is how well we have worked together to produce the show. 

Specifically, the theater program's curricular and extra-curricular offerings provide a history and an appreciation of drama for the beginning student, as well as extensive training and college preparation for the advanced student.
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MBA's 2020-2021 Theater Season

September 10 - 13
by Mary Shelley
Meeting with cruelty wherever he goes, the doctor’s
bewildered monster determines to track down his creator and
strike a terrifying deal. Urgent concerns about scientific
responsibility and parental neglect are deeply embedded in
this increasingly desperate and vengeful gothic tale directed
by Cal Fuller.
Performance times: Thurs & Friday @ 6:30 & Sat @ 7
& Sunday @ 2 at MBA.

November 5 - 8
And Then There Were None
by Agatha Christie
Ten strangers. A remote island. One murderous mastermind.
In this classic by the Queen of Crime, the strangers keep
dropping off one by one in accordance with a brutal
children’s nursery rhyme. For the original stage production,
Dame Agatha Christie concocted a new ending better suited
to brighten the spirits of 1943 London audiences. The only
way to solve our version of this thrilling whodunit will be to
join our company of theatre artists, directed by Joseph Bromfield, and find out for yourself!
Performance times: Thursday & Friday @ 6:30;
Saturday @ 7 & Sunday 2 @ MBA.

January 21 – 23
Androcles and the Lion
by James E. Engelhardt.
Based on the eyewitness account of a surprising encounter
between the enslaved Androcles and a “fearsome” lion, this
fabled tale from ancient Rome has made its way through
such writers as Aesop and George Shaw into a new
adaptation for a twenty-first century audience. As humorous
and engaging as it is thought-provoking, this play in one act
is sure to delight an audience of all ages. Directed by
Gracie Bassett.
Performance times: Thursday & Friday @ 6:30;
Saturday @ 2.

February 21 & 28
Play! Write! 2021
Our second annual improv-inspired original play competition
begins with games and suggestions from the audience on
Sunday evening. Writing teams will have 5 days to write the
drafts of their new plays. Limited rehearsals will take place
over the weekend before the curtain rises the following
Sunday evening. This fundraiser benefits Endada.
Begins Sunday 2/21 @ 5 p.m. and ends with performances of new works on Sunday 2/28 @ 5 p.m.
April 15 – 17
Student-Directed One Act Plays
Seniors in the Studio Theater class choose and direct a
collection of short plays, including some of their new,
original works.
Performance times: Thursday and Friday @ 6:30;
Saturday @ 7.

Meet the Theater Department

List of 6 members.

  • Photo of Joseph Bromfield

    Mr. Joseph Bromfield 

    English Teacher, Theater Teacher
    University of Virginia - MFA
    London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art - Post-Graduate Diploma
    Rollins College - BA
    McCallie School - HS Diploma
    At MBA since 2020
  • Photo of Beau Henson

    Mr. Beau Henson 

    Latin Teacher, Theater Teacher
    University of Southern California - PhD (in progress)
    University of Southern California - MA
    Royal Conservatoire of Scotland - Master of Performance
    Vanderbilt University - BA
    At MBA since 2020
  • Photo of Cal Fuller

    Dr. Cal Fuller 

    Vis. & Perform. Arts Chair, Theater Program Director, Senior Seminar, Service Club Advisor
    Northwestern University - Ph.D.
    University of Chicago - M.A.
    Davidson College - BA
    At MBA since 1997
  • Photo of Nelson Berry

    Mr. Nelson Berry 06

    Latin Teacher, Theater, 10th Gr. Concessions, International Thespian Society
    University of the South: Sewanee - B.A.
    University of Georgia - M.A.
    At MBA since 2010
  • Photo of Hunter Woolwine

    Mr. Hunter Woolwine 12

    Technology Purchasing Assistant
    At MBA since 2017
  • Photo of Jack Chambers

    Mr. Jack Chambers 

    Network Administrator, Theatre Designer & Instructor
    University of the South
    At MBA since 2015

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