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MBA Fund Leadership Team

2023-2024 MBA Fund Leadership Team

MBA Fund Chair

Parent Chairs
Dana and Robby Bueno (Jude '24 and Roc '25)

Parent Ambassador Circle Chairs
Kira and Jeremy Roberts (Charlie '25)

Parent Leadership Chairs
Christine and Jeff Weller (Hayes '26 and Brooks '29)
Alumni Chair
Spencer Patton '04

Alumni Ambassador Circle Chair
Hanlin Chien '99

Alumni Leadership Chair

Parents of Alumni Chairs
Lisa and Jonathan Cole ('87)  (Ramsay '21)

Grandparent Chairs
Peggy and Dudley Richter (Cole Tomichek '28)

Faculty Chairs
Jian Farahmound and Tim Jenkins

Board of Trustees Chair

12th Grade Team (2024)
Catherine and Jeff Beemer
Tiffany and Frazer Buntin
Aleja and Joe DeLemos
Lara and Nathan Green
Cathy and Tom Grier
Rachel and Will Ed Settle
Jill and Sean Stroud
Joanna and Brian Thomson

11th Grade Team (2025)
Kelly and David Frazier (Chairs)
Heather and Scott Asbury
Sarah and Bo Bartholomew
Kimberly and Justin Crosslin
Kelly and Jeff Doerflinger
Kim and Damon Drake
Phyllis and Steve Fridrich
Kate and Grant Jackson
Brooke and Brandon Keane
Kira and Jeremy Roberts
Julie and John Schneider
Kelly and Doug Shirley
Kristi and Jon Skeeters
Josephine and John Smithwick
Jill and Fletcher Tidwell
Kristen and Destin Tompkins
Anne and David Trainer
Marnee and Ryan Tyrrell

10th Grade Team (2026)
Bree and Jim Abernathy (Chairs)
Cara and Michael Connelly
Emily Floyd

9th Grade Team (2027)
Laura and Matt Perkins (Chairs)
LeAnne and Chad Bottorff
Magi and Alex Curtis
Sarah and Daniel Hart
Jill and Fletcher Tidwell
Liz and David Todd
Ashley and Ward Waltemath
8th Grade Team (2028)
Dayna and Clark Landry (Chairs)
Melissa Burton
Kathryn Donelson
Necie Elizabeth Pable

7th Grade Team (2029)
Alanna and Kyle Matthews (Chairs)
Khaki and Jeff Daniel
Holly and Mike Farley
Layla and Rob Hebert
Megan Mayberry
Rachael Sullivan
Margaret Tyler


2023-2024 Alumni Class Captains

1970    Rob Barrick & Jay Ramsey
1971    Tom Neff    
1972    Marc McNamee    
1973    Bill Shell 
1977    Chuck Lassing    
1979    Jody Johnson    
1982    Kirk Porter    
1983    Trey Rochford
1984    Scott O'Neal, Gil Lackey & Dave Wood    
1986    Will Campbell, Don Fish & John Griffith
1988    Jay Riven & Todd Wise
1991    Drew Healy  
1994    Hugh Gaston    
1995    Bill Hancock
1996    Whit Polley & Jon Gaston
1997    Jarrett Carden    
1998    Jeremy Hall    
1999    Stuart Burkhalter   
2000    Josh Ritter
2001    William Liles
2002    Drake Jarmon   
2004    Lee Noel, Jr.
2005    Patrick Bradley & Matt Bubis  
2006    Jeffrey Zager    
2007    George McGinn    
2008    Tom Wall 
2009    Clark Benton & Hicks Woolwine
2010    Will Tanner
2011    Braxton Fralick
2012    Weston Bell 
2013    Sam Turner
2014    Keith Gambill
2015    Ben Kelly
2016    Nick Dreher
2017    Jacob Kovick
2018    Palmer Thombs
2019    Harrison Taylor

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