History Department

The History Department

Mission Statement:

Empathy, Perspective, and Engaging Students in the Study of the Past

Context and Perspective - We strive neither to condemn nor glorify past events and historical figures but to put the past in context and to help students better understand what happened and why. We help them better understand motives that shaped people’s actions in a given historical context, to hear and understand their voice, as well as what factors might have played into affecting the course of events.

Asserting causation and discerning meaning - We help students learn to recognize and analyze other interpretations of the past and ultimately assert their own informed interpretation.

The Challenges and Rewards of Interpretation - We empower students to grow in their understanding of the world and ability to interpret it through a nuanced engagement with the past and critical analysis of sources. Rather than asserting interpretations to reflect and defend one’s received views, the study of history should shape, inform, broaden, and challenge those views. Thus, the study of history empowers students with essential tools for citizenship and a greater understanding of the past and the contemporary world.

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