In 1954, MBA developed an honorary society modeled after the national leadership fraternity Blue Key at the urging of two alumni from the class of 1950 -- Inman Fox and Robert McNeilly and Head of School R. L. Sager.
Seniors and juniors (in the spring) apply and are selected for Totomoi induction by a committee of Totomoi faculty and students in course. The students selected must be approved by the faculty. Inductees are honored at a tapping ceremony held twice annually.
The school named the honorary society Totomoi to honor the estate that MBA had purchased from the Tinsley family on Harding Road in the 1920’s.  When the Tinsley family moved to Nashville from Virginia and purchased this property, they had named the home and land in honor of their family property in Virginia.  In the 1600's Thomas Tinsley had negotiated cooperatively with the Native American Chief Totopotomoi the sale of this property in Virginia. Chief Totopotomoi was a powerful and respected leader.  The family named the creek on their property in his honor -- Totomoi.
MBA's honor society of Totomoi recognizes students whose leadership and character are exemplary and of the highest order.  In turn, MBA wants to recognize this tradition by asking the Totomoi chapter to honor all people and to build a more inclusive community at MBA. 

Totomoi - Current Membership

Student Members
Emmett Adams
Ethan Bittles
Elliott Bragg
Charlie Coles
William Dean
Colin Durelli
Elias Franks
Martin Grier
Carter Hopper
Luke Keller
Michael Kong
George Ma
Raleigh Maxwell
Eli Stark
Claiborne Tompkins
Whit Uden
Hutton Wall
Owen Willers
Nathan Williams
Haami Yassin
Faculty/Staff/Honorary Members
Dr. Clay Bailey
Mr. Travis Barclay
Dr. Tim Boyd
Mr. Bill Compton (faculty advisor)
Mr. D'On Coofer
Dr. William Daughtrey (ex officio)
Ms. Catharine Hollifield
Mr. Pat Killian
Mr. John Lanier
Mr. George Mario
Mr. Tom Markham
Mr. Todd Moran
Mr. Haywood Moxley
Mr. Robert Pruitt
Mr. Roderick Russ
Mr. Emmett Russell
Mr. Frank Simpson
Mr. Brooks Tate
Mr. Jamie Tillman

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