Wilson Language Travel Grants

Criteria for selection:

  1. The student will have an established track record of excellence as confirmed by his language teachers and other teachers. The student will have shown exceptional potential and improvement or maintained superior performance in the language.
  2. The student will have a keen interest in both the language and the culture of the country whose language he is studying and will demonstrate such interest consistently in class.
  3. The student commits to solely use the target language throughout the travel and continue his language study at MBA, including the AP level, if he is eligible.
  4. The student will demonstrate sufficient fluency in the language to be able to interact effectively with native speakers. Latin students should be able to sight read intermediate passages.
  5. The student will, upon his return, use his language skills to enhance academic and extracurricular life at MBA and in the larger community with a particular project.
Other considerations:

  1. Students who do not already have a valid passport should begin the application process before submitting an application.
  2. Students should be aware that some programs may not be all-inclusive and may require additional fees. Any costs beyond those listed on the application will not be covered by this grant.
  3. Payments and arrangements are made through Montgomery Bell Academy in association with its travel agent and in communication with the programs selected.

Students are expected to research their programs of choice listed on the main page before completing the application. In rare cases, other programs may be considered if a student finds one of particular interest that meets the criteria as established by the Montgomery Bell Academy Foreign Languages Department.

Students on international travel programs may not delay or extend their in-country stay. All students must travel together as a group to and from the country.

Students need to be cognizant of additional costs in case quoted prices are not all inclusive. If any doubt exists, please contact the program before submitting the grant application, since the requested amount in the application will not be increased.

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