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Paving the Way Forward: Jane and Greg Allen

There is a sense of tradition woven into the fabric of MBA that offers security and encouragement to those who step on campus. For Greg and Jane Allen, this sense of tradition paves the way toward the future.  Parents of Clarke (’16) and Ty (’18), Mr. and Mrs. Allen appreciate the deep roots of the MBA community.  “One of the first things you encounter when you step foot on this campus is tradition,” Greg states. “And one of the big parts of that tradition is generosity, whether it’s generosity of self…or just generosity of finances and giving to the school.”

Giving to the school is a tradition the Allens take seriously. They support several areas of the school, but for them there is one that claims the highest importance.  “Our top priority is supporting the scholarship effort.” A few years ago the Allens were touched to realize that there are students at MBA who would not be able to attend without the generosity of others.  To them, MBA is “more than an academic education…We feel it’s part of our obligation to provide opportunities for students to [attend].”

The reason for this is simple.  “To whom much has been given, much is expected,” Jane explains. “I think Greg has done a really great job of emphasizing the need to pay it forward, and to give back, and to help others.”  Greg agrees, though he acknowledges that this idea is not only instilled at home. “I think this school has an environment in which I think that’s taught.”  It comes back to this sense of tradition that Greg and Jane appreciate and value about The Hill.  This tradition – the recognition and honoring of those that have gone before you – points the way to the future, and the Allens have made sure they will be a part of both this tradition and the path forward.

Greg states it best: “One of the legacies we want to leave in this school is to pave the way for the next generation.”  

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