MBA Boards

MBA Boards

MBA Board of Trustees

are enthusiastically committed to MBA. The school is one of their highest priorities.

Trustees bring valuable experience to the Board.

Trustees are committed to superior college preparatory education for young men of diverse backgrounds and to the values of the "Gentleman, Scholar, Athlete" at MBA.

Trustees hire and support the Head of School, especially in his efforts to develop an excellent faculty and staff.

Trustees believe in conserving and developing the resources of the school.

Trustees give to the school at exemplary levels of sacrifice and dedication to support annual giving, capital campaigns, and other programs approved by the Board.

Trustees are faithful in their attendance and participate actively at Board meetings, committee meetings, and special events.

Trustees have a real vision for MBA's future while sustaining the values of honor and tradition at MBA.

Trustees are among the best and most enthusiastic ambassadors - always looking for friends of MBA who may serve as Trustees or Advisory Board members and for outstanding students for whom an MBA education would be invaluable.

MBA Advisory Board, Alumni Board, & Young Alumni Board

Members of the MBA Advisory, Alumni, and Young Alumni Boards serve in an advisory capacity to provide feedback and input to MBA’s Head of School, other school leaders, and its Board of Trustees. Though these positions are ceremonial and non-governing, the genuine effort invested by the head of school and school leaders to communicate with all of the board members allows each member special opportunities to connect with and support the school -- including both personal participation and financial backing.

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