Academics Overview

Scholar: Classical but not Old-Fashioned

Montgomery Bell Academy intentionally provides a breadth of experiences to spark intellectual curiosity and develop the innate abilities of each student.  Our small class sizes and daily advisory sessions allow our students to be truly known by the faculty of the school. The underpinning of an MBA education is a classical curriculum focused on the liberal arts. Some elements of our approach are thus quite traditional in nature. In addition to at least two years of studying Latin, students focus heavily on English grammar and core writing skills throughout six years. They do this, however, not because such instruction is traditional, but rather because such an approach builds a foundation for developing skills highly relevant to the modern world.
Learning Latin improves a boy’s understanding of the mechanisms of language and helps him learn modern languages, including English. Emphasizing grammar and writing in English allows boys to express themselves effectively in higher-level classes and to develop lifelong skills that set our students apart.
While our curriculum may be classical, it is not old-fashioned. We are proud of how many of our academic departments are at the cutting edge of modern instructional techniques. From the range of science labs our students take part in to the use of technology in history and math classes, from digital resources in art rooms to immersion teaching in our high-school language programs, we constantly seek out best-practices and innovative approaches that prove effective in developing our boys’ intellectual curiosities and abilities.
The academic experience of MBA students reflects our philosophy. After a focus on developing foundational skills in 7th and 8th grade, the high school delves deeper into the thorough understanding of a subject, the logical connections between various concepts, and the eloquent presentation of ideas and arguments.  It is during these high school years that our students build upon a strong foundation and gain flexibility to pursue subjects that ignite their individual passions. We offer 27 AP courses across 20 subjects, a vast array that satisfies our students’ myriad interests.
Our teachers, over two-thirds of whom have earned an advanced degree in their area of study, have abundant access to professional development opportunities that further expand their understanding and knowledge of specific subject matter as well as classical and single-sex education.  We are gratified that many of our faculty choose MBA to accomplish their life’s work teaching our students.  This cohesive and long-standing group provides continuity and consistency in the high quality education a young man receives at MBA.  We complement this core through an exacting and deliberate hiring process whereby we seek to attract and retain the best teaching minds from across the globe. Excellent teaching is a key component of our students’ success.

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