Wilson Grants

    • David K. (Pat) Wilson

Summer Opportunities on Campus

Technology Innovation, 1/2 week(s):  A view into the world of how Apps are developed
Creative Writing, 1 week: At the beginning and end of summer, a class spent producing and crafting stories, culminating in what will become the beginning stages of a novel—Ed Tarkington
Robotics, 1-2 weeks: A survey of the mechanical and chemical engineering used in the construction of robotic equipment 
History, 1 week: 2 Offerings
                        -The Emergence and Growth of Nashville: A Capital City
                        -History and Architecture Through LEGOS
The College Essay, 2 days: A brief, instructive writing workshop to give students a head start on college application essays. A Senior Assistant Director of Admissions from Georgetown will be on hand to answer questions.--Ginny Maddux
Excel, 1 week: Learning how to use Microsoft Excel, with a focus on how to gain the effective skill set employers look for in an educated workforce
Astronomy, 1 week: An overview of astronomical ideas, theories, with a special emphasis on extra-terrestrial life.
World of Wall Street, 1 week: An investigation into the world of finance and investing – Roger Briggs
Mock Trial—Michael Stewart, Wade Cowan

Montgomery Bell Academy

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