Wilson Grants

Wilson Grants

Thanks to the visionary gift of David K. (Pat) Wilson (Wallace School Class of 1937), hundreds of MBA students already have been afforded grants to further their studies throughout the United States and abroad. The Wilson Grants offer transformative opportunities for travel abroad, language immersion, studies in science, English, history, mathematics, and the arts. These awards provide challenge and reward for exceptional students. MBA students travel the globe, strengthen their academic skills, and compete and participate in some of the best programs in the world. Pat Wilson’s vision was to ensure that MBA always remains a great school academically and extracurricularly. He firmly believed in rewarding excellence and the importance of experiences beyond the confines of a classroom. These grants help to fulfill his vision and demonstrate his wisdom and generosity. The grants also provide incredible “added value” to the MBA education and experience. Pat Wilson believed deserving individuals should always have opportunities — to learn and to excel in their given areas of interest and excellence, and to take great strides to develop themselves personally and intellectually. MBA students have the good fortune to benefit from up to $10,000 annually in travel grant opportunities — an incredible benefit to their MBA experience and education.

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    • David K. (Pat) Wilson

      David K. (Pat) Wilson

Summer Opportunities on Campus

Technology Innovation, 1/2 week(s):  A view into the world of how Apps are developed
Creative Writing, 1 week: At the beginning and end of summer, a class spent producing and crafting stories, culminating in what will become the beginning stages of a novel—Ed Tarkington
Robotics, 1-2 weeks: A survey of the mechanical and chemical engineering used in the construction of robotic equipment 
History, 1 week: 2 Offerings
                        -The Emergence and Growth of Nashville: A Capital City
                        -History and Architecture Through LEGOS
The College Essay, 2 days: A brief, instructive writing workshop to give students a head start on college application essays. A Senior Assistant Director of Admissions from Georgetown will be on hand to answer questions.--Ginny Maddux
Excel, 1 week: Learning how to use Microsoft Excel, with a focus on how to gain the effective skill set employers look for in an educated workforce
Astronomy, 1 week: An overview of astronomical ideas, theories, with a special emphasis on extra-terrestrial life.
World of Wall Street, 1 week: An investigation into the world of finance and investing – Roger Briggs
Mock Trial—Michael Stewart, Wade Cowan

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