Wilson Grants

Wilson Grants

“We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time” - T.S. Eliot

Our classrooms are always centered on education, but at MBA we do not believe that education takes place only in the classroom. Thanks to the extraordinary program established by David K. (“Pat”) Wilson, and the ongoing generosity of the Wilson family, we have the fortunate and unique opportunity to provide funding for nearly 150 students each year to spend their summers exploring and furthering the intellectual passions they have developed at school.

As early as their 7th grade year, students can apply for grants to take summer classes to deepen their knowledge of any element of MBA’s curriculum. Once they enter the High School language program, they will further have the option of applying for a summer of language immersion classes and subsequently have an opportunity to study and travel in a country where the language they are studying is spoken. Special trips are also organized each year based around US History (7th Grade), Latin & Classics in Rome (8th Grade), and the Cultural History of Boston, Philadelphia, and New York (11th & 12th Grade). In addition, money from the Wilson family also provides funding for us to offer around 40 classes each summer on a diverse set of subjects, ranging from computer programming to cooking and gardening.
Overall, these grants provide an incredible “added value” feature to academic life at MBA and help us fulfill our mission of preparing our boys for the modern world.

Details about each of these grants can be found via the links below.
    • David K. (Pat) Wilson

Summer Opportunities on Campus

Technology Innovation, 1/2 week(s):  A view into the world of how Apps are developed
Creative Writing, 1 week: At the beginning and end of summer, a class spent producing and crafting stories, culminating in what will become the beginning stages of a novel—Ed Tarkington
Robotics, 1-2 weeks: A survey of the mechanical and chemical engineering used in the construction of robotic equipment 
History, 1 week: 2 Offerings
                        -The Emergence and Growth of Nashville: A Capital City
                        -History and Architecture Through LEGOS
The College Essay, 2 days: A brief, instructive writing workshop to give students a head start on college application essays. A Senior Assistant Director of Admissions from Georgetown will be on hand to answer questions.--Ginny Maddux
Excel, 1 week: Learning how to use Microsoft Excel, with a focus on how to gain the effective skill set employers look for in an educated workforce
Astronomy, 1 week: An overview of astronomical ideas, theories, with a special emphasis on extra-terrestrial life.
World of Wall Street, 1 week: An investigation into the world of finance and investing – Roger Briggs
Mock Trial—Michael Stewart, Wade Cowan

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