Wilson Language Immersion Grants

Wilson Language Immersion Grants Eligibility:
  1.  One or two years of language study at Montgomery Bell Academy.
  2.  Open to students of a modern language in 9th, 10th, and 11th grades.
Criteria for selection:
  1. The student will have an established track record of excellence as confirmed by his language teachers and other teachers both in and outside the classroom. The student will have shown exceptional potential and improvement or maintained superior performance in the language.
  2. The student will have a keen interest in both the language and the culture of the country whose language he is studying and will demonstrate such interest consistently in class.
  3. The student commits, to the best of his ability, to solely use the target language throughout the duration of the program. 
  4. The student commits to continuing his language study at MBA the following academic year by enrolling in the highest level course available to him (Honors or AP).
  5. The student commits to use this experience to contribute positively to MBA and the wider community through service to others.
Immersion Programs – For Modern Language Students
  • Dates of program set by Concordia. Please consult the website for more information regarding dates of the program.
Only four-week programs are considered. Although most 4 week programs are titled "High School Credit", MBA students do not receive High School credit.

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