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Wilson Language Grants

The MBA Languages Department offers the following language grants: Wilson Language Immersion & Wilson Language Travel Grants. These are fully funded competitive grants. Students can receive up to one Immersion Grant and one Travel Grant per language studied.
Wilson Language Immersion Grant:
This grant is available to students in Chinese, French, German, or Spanish who have demonstrated excellence in the classroom and passion for their language. Students are eligible for an immersion grant beginning their first year of study. All immersion grants are at Concordia Language Villages in Minnesota.

Wilson Language Travel Grant: These are more selective grants and are available to sophomore and junior students in Chinese, French, German, or Spanish who have not participated in a travel program for the same language. Preferential consideration will be given to those students who have already participated in a Wilson Language Immersion program. All candidates must meet the following two criteria:

1) Demonstrated continued excellence in the language classroom following their immersion experience;
2) Demonstrated positive contributions to the MBA and wider community through service to others.

Wilson Language Travel Grant for Latin: The department also offers very few grants to students in Latin 3 Honors / Latin 4 Honors for travel to Rome. Applicants for the Latin grant are exempt from the immersion requirement as there is no stateside immersion program for Latin. Because the Wilson Language Grants are primarily focused on modern languages, there are a very limited number of Latin grants available, usually no more than two or three per year. These are highly competitive grants and applicants are required to demonstrate a history of excellence in Latin both in and outside the classroom and have demonstrated significant positive contributions to the MBA and wider community. Latin grants are also contingent upon admission to the Latin program(s) offered by the department. 
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