Academic Advising

Montgomery Bell Academy is committed to providing excellent academic counseling and advice. Each student is assigned to a faculty advisor with experience and awareness of the school’s curriculum. Students and parents are encouraged to contact advisors for suggestions regarding interactions with teachers, student academic assistance, and support in the course scheduling process. Each student reports to his advisor every morning for daily attendance and announcements. This daily contact affords both advisor and student the opportunity to get to know each other well. 

Academic Assistance and the Student Support Team

Montgomery Bell Academy believes that although every student learns differently, every student can learn, and our faculty is committed to ensuring that each student enjoys the best possible opportunity to learn and achieve to his maximum potential. An academic assistance team works in close collaboration with faculty advisors to ensure that each student is supported as he learns to work smarter in pursuit of lifelong learning skills.
All students need support inside and outside the classroom, and the teaching faculty is intensely committed to ensuring that each student’s needs are met. With three non-teaching periods each day, members of the teaching faculty are widely available to assist students. From the Junior School faculty’s support for the foundations of academic success to the High School faculty’s nurturing of advanced research, creativity, and analysis, MBA’s teachers are the school’s greatest academic assets. Students are encouraged and inspired to become their own advocates, develop professional relationships with their teachers, and pursue their interests wherever they may lead.

Instruction in study and organizational skills is fully integrated into the curriculum with appropriate development of skills at each level as a student moves through the school. Academic counseling is available for every student beginning with his teacher and advisor. Additional support of strong study skills is made available to students through the High School and Junior School offices and the Student Support Team. This support focuses on the student and helps him to develop a systematic approach to academic improvement. This approach may be supplemented by individual meetings, peer tutoring, and work with a member of the Academic Assistance team. Should the need arise, the High School office can also recommend tutoring and learning evaluation services.

Academic Assistance Team

Students and parents are encouraged to contact the Academic Assistance Team for support. Please email or contact any of the following people:
Dr. Tim Boyd
- Academic Dean
Mrs. Susan Cobb
- Director of the Junior School
Mrs. Caroline Scholer
- Director of Counseling Services
Mr. Brooks Tate
- Class Dean, Grades 11-12
Mr. Ronnie McMahan
- Class Dean, Grades 9-10
Mr. Robert Sawyer
- Dean of the High School
Mr. Frank Simpson
- Dean of Discipline

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