Student Life


Student Life: Beyond the Classroom

Our goal is to foster the multifaceted nature of each of our students, engaging them beyond the classroom to participate in activities and organizations that will develop character, leadership and a broader understanding of the world around them.

Our athletic teams offer a range of opportunities for physical fitness, leadership and healthy competition. The debate program is nationally recognized and featured the top-ranked policy team in the country for 2019-20. Student government and honor societies encourage our students to ascertain and represent the needs of a larger constituency, adhere to and enforce established codes of conduct, and offer recognition for excellence in the classroom and the community. Service clubs, student-initiated and run, provide a structured and ongoing way for our students to effectively serve the needs of others. Finally, MBA hosts a wide array of specialized clubs and activities that cater to specific interests and past-times of our students.

We find that these activities collectively serve to enhance the rigorous academic training that MBA students receive, developing well-rounded young men of integrity, self-discipline and character.

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