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Cultural History Trip

Wilson Cultural History Trip

From June 13-21, 2024, approximately 10 MBA rising 10th-12th grade students, as well as two faculty members, will explore the range of historical and cultural experiences from museums, architecture, historical sites, theater, and music in three major cities in the northeast of this country. The concentration of art experiences is of a world-class status in this area, and all three cities played pivotal roles in American history. The plan is to fly into Boston on June 13 where we will spend three days before boarding an Amtrak train to New York for three days and then on to Philadelphia, returning by plane on June 21st. While in each city, we will explore major museums, take advantage of its architectural sites and local history, and attend a variety of evening theatrical experiences. There could even be time for a baseball game in one of these cities. Although the itinerary is subject to minor changes, the schedule will be packed with cultural events that are educational and entertaining.
All eligible students who are interested should please fill out the application form on this site and submit it to Dr. Fuller or Ms. Swieca-Brockman.
Criteria for Selection:
  1. The applicant is a rising 10th-12th grade student. If needed, preference will be given to upperclassmen.
  2. The student will have an established track record of excellence as confirmed by all his teachers and his GPA, and will have shown an active interest in the offerings of the Visual and Performing Arts and/or the History Departments.
  3. The student will have a keen interest in the ways that the arts reflect the historical context in the world and in this country and will participate actively in all group activities on the trip.
  4. The student will challenge himself to engage at each site and to immerse in the content presented there. Museum tours may include note taking on specific works that the student chooses.
  5. The student will research a historical site or work of art for presentation in preparation for the trip and will work make the information interesting and relevant for the other tour participants.
  6. The student will commit to bring back to school with them a heightened interest in the role of the arts in our history and our lives, as well as be enrolled in a Visual and Performing Arts course and/or continue active involvement in its offerings.
  7. The student will write a brief reflection of his experience for the Wilson Grant Exhibition in the fall and a note of gratitude to the Wilson Family for the experience.     

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