Mathematics Department

The Mathematics Department

The Montgomery Bell Academy Mathematics Department supports and upholds the philosophy and objectives of the school, and in so doing, places particular emphasis on the acquisition of a strong academic foundation in mathematics. In addition, recognizing the importance of technology in today's society, the department tries to provide each student with a modicum of hands-on experience with computers and/or graphing calculators. While the emphasis is on academic preparation, the hope is that each student will also gain an understanding and appreciation of the structure of mathematics and catch at least a glimpse of mathematics as one of the great products of human intellect. The department, through a traditional sequence of required and elective courses, including a strong AP program in calculus, computer science, and statistics, attempts to provide each student with a background which will, in chronological order:

  • Facilitate his admission to the college or university of his choice
  • Promote success in whatever course of study he may choose during his college career
  • Enable him to become a successful and contributing member of society after his formal academic training ends
Ideally, during his MBA experience in mathematics, each student will encounter a diversity of teaching styles and emphases which will not only provide a sound knowledge of the discipline but also engender a flexibility and adaptability that will insure success in any future endeavor.

Mathematics Resources

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 TI Calculator Resources

  • TI Calculator Home Page
  • - Unofficial TI calculator resources home page.
  • Geometry Calcs - TI-82/TI-83 calculator program to do area, distance formula, interior angles, midpoint and slope.


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