Clubs & Activities

Clubs and Activities

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  • ACE (Architecture, Construction, Engineering)

    Sponsor: Dr. Gabe Carro

    The Architecture, Construction, and Engineering (ACE) Mentor Program is an after-school program that gives students a hands-on introduction to architecture, construction management and engineering – careers students may consider if they are interested in designing and building almost anything around them from schools, museums, stadiums and concerts halls to bridges, tunnels, shopping malls, parks and more.  More information can be found at:
  • African American Studies Club

    Sponsors: Mr. Brad Perry, Mr. Michael Swett

    This student-led organization explores the history and culture of the African-American experience.

    Click here to read MBA's Diversity and Inclusion statement.
  • Anime Club

    Sponsor: Dr. Charles Sligh
  • Archives (High School Student Literary Magazine)

    Sponsor: Dr. Ed Tarkington

    Student editors and staff: The advisor to Archives promotes the development of creative writing for student publication. He also is responsible for final approval of all photographs, layout, and text. He supervises the editors and staff, assists in the selection of editors and staff, arranges for equipment and supplies, and handles negotiations with the publishing company.
  • Army Navy Club

    Sponsor: Dr. Mick Raney
  • Art Club

    Sponsors: Ms. Catharine Hollifield

    The Art Club will be active around campus, working on needed projects such as designing and carrying out a mural in the light well outside of the admissions office. There will be a trip to Long Mountain for photography, drawing and painting. In addition information will be available about art shows throughout Nashville including the first Saturday art crawl as well as shows at Cheekwood and the Frist.
  • Asian Cultural Club (MBAsian Club)

    Sponsor: Mrs. Ying Zhang

    Celebrate Asian festivals and holidays as well as promote Chinese language and culture.

    Click here to read MBA's Diversity and Inclusion statement.
  • Astronomy Club

    Sponsor: Dr. Jim Dickens

    We strive to develop a love for the heavens through naked-eye, binocular, and telescope observations of bright sky objects, including planetary nebulae, supernova remnants, and galaxies. We also serve the MBA community and outreach efforts at the Long Mountain Observatory.
  • Aviation Club

    Sponsor: Mr. Marc Ardisson
  • Baseball Club

    Sponsor: Mr. Jamie Tillman

    A time for boys who love the game of baseball as a spectator sport to meet and discuss the game.
  • Big Red Mechanicals Improv Club

    Sponsors: Dr. Cal Fuller, Mr. Barry McAlister

    The Improvisation Club introduces students to the world of Theater Arts by exploring the avenues of improvisation, acting, and sketch writing.
  • Broadcasting Club

    Sponsor: Ms. Alison Flanagan
  • Buckeye Club

    Sponsor: Mrs. Lakresha Easley
  • Business Club / Sports Business Club

    Sponsor: Mr. Sean Jackson

    Prepares students for business competitions including possible opportunities to hear from guest speakers.
  • Catholic Club

    Sponsor: Mr. Patrick Simpson
  • Cellophony

    Sponsor: Mr. Jordan Frederick, Mr. Chris Reynolds

    Cellophony is a student run concert incorporating strings, vocalists, and rock musicians.  All proceeds from this concert benefit the W.O. Smith Music School which provides music lessons for underprivileged students.
  • Chess Club

    Sponsor: Mr. Mike Davidson, Ms. JoAnn Welch

    To play chess and learn a little about chess theory and solve some puzzles.  For stronger players, to compete in tournament level competition.
  • Classic Film Club

    Sponsor: Dr. Charles Sligh

    The Classic Film Club is a student organization for the study and discussion of seminal and influential works of film from the last century. The club is intended to kindle a knowledge and appreciation of films from previous generations and to help to preserve their memory for the future. Students may find their interests in science, history, or literature complemented by these pictures, and we hope to inspire critical and knowledgeable discussion amongst our members.
  • Computer Science Club

    Sponsor: Dr. Kasey Bray

    Computer Science enthusiasts, beginners and veterans alike explore the application of computer technology in all areas of interest including but not limited to: business, music, art, law, engineering, medicine, sports, and entertainment. The focus will be on building mobile apps for your phone.
  • Cricket Club

    Sponsor: Dr. Tim Boyd

    To promote understanding and enjoyment of cricket among the MBA student body and faculty.
  • Croquet Club

    Sponsor: Dr. Jian Farhoumand
  • Culinary Club

    Sponsor: Catharine Hollifield
  • Debate & Forensics

    Sponsors: Mr. Kevin Hamrick, Mr. Josh Clark

    The Debate and Forensics Program at MBA is an opportunity for high school students to perfect their argumentation and speaking skills in an exciting and challenging environment.  MBA has one of the oldest and most well respected programs in the nation, and tournament travel offers MBA students the chance to meet and interact with students from other schools all over the country.  Currently, MBA’s program focuses on two activities: policy debate and extemporaneous speaking.  MBA Debate is guided by four full-time teachers and coaches.
  • Digital Media Club

    Sponsor: Ms. Alison Flanagan
  • Disc Golf Club

    Sponsor: Mr. Elijah Reynolds
  • Drone Club

    Sponsor: Mr. Marc Ardisson
  • Ducks Unlimited

    Sponsor: Mr. Robert Cousins

    Sponsor: Ms. Catharine Hollifield, Ms. Alison Flanagan

    Montgomery Bell Academy's Music and Arts Festival is held annually each spring.  Students fundraise, design, plan, and present an inspiring arts event on campus for all ages.
  • Envirothon

    Sponsors: Mr. Chris Spiegl

    Envirothon is a national-level competition where teams compete to answer questions about forestry, wildlife, aquatics, soils, and a special topic.  Participants will cultivate a broad knowledge of these topics through outdoor field experience and individual study.  The MBA Envirothon team is very competitive and has won multiple regional titles and a state championship with a trip to the national-level competition in 2010.
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

    Sponsors: Mr. Chris Sanders, Mrs. Libby Overton, Mr. Thomas Amster, Mrs. Libby Byrnes

    Students from MBA and other schools participate weekly in evening discussions and presentations by outside speakers.
  • Financial Literacy Club

    Sponsor: Mr. Sean Jackson
  • Fly Fishing Club

    Sponsor: Mr. Luke Brown
  • French Club

    Sponsor: Mr. Ben Trotter

    The club is open to all students interested in French language and culture, regardless of whether they are taking French or not.  The goal of  the club is to learn about and promote awareness of French and Francophone culture through food, film and discussion.
  • Garden Club

    Sponsor: Mr. Chris Spiegl, Mr. Gabe Carro, Mrs. Meleia Greene
    The MBA Student Garden was installed in 2000 by a group of 8th grade students and science teacher Mr. Chris Spiegl, to serve as an outdoor space to accompany the new Ingram Science building.
    The Garden Club maintains this campus raised-bed garden space, between Kingfisher Creek and the Wilson Library.  Three season crop rotations place fresh vegetables and herbs in the MBA cafeteria in cooperation with the Sages food service.  Crops grown on campus are started from seed in the Earth Science lab and transplanted to the campus garden beds.
    Cafeteria wastes are recycled in the campus garden composters to complete a recycling loop on campus.  In addition, the Garden Club elects officers, holds regular meetings, conducts seed trials, gives demos, takes field trips to model gardening facilities and models practical gardening skills and aesthetics for lifetime appreciation or career consideration.
    Please click below for an overview of the history of the MBA Student Garden. This presentation was given at St. Christopher's School in Richmond, VA, during an IBSC Annual Conference. - The MBA School Garden - History
    The MBA Garden Club had another successful plant sale during Endada this year. Please click HERE for plant care guidelines for all of the plants from this year's sale.
  • German Club

    Sponsor: Mr. Rob Dougherty

    German Club promotes knowledge of German culture and language. Two German films are shown through the year and there are additional meetings for music and food.
  • Grill and Chill Club

    Sponsor: Mr. Robert Sawyer
  • Hispanic Achievers

    Sponsors: Mr. Daniel Paolicchi, Mrs. Joy Victoria, Ms. Camille Hackney

    Hispanic Achievers is a club open to any young man interested in having a positive impact with Nashville's Hispanic community.  Our main service project is through our partnership with Paragon Mills Elementary, where each semester MBA boys design and teach two to three English Language courses for adult immigrants.  In addition to our commitment to help finding solutions to real-life needs, Hispanic Achievers members thoroughly enjoy the relationships and friendships they develop through their engagement and interaction with their adult students.

    Click here to read MBA's Diversity and Inclusion statement.
  • Hispanic Cultural Club

    Sponsor: Daniel Paolicchi
  • History Club / Past Preservers

    Sponsor: Mr. Dan Herring, Dr. Clay Bailey

    Members of the History Club engage in the study of history through field trips, speaker programs, and service-oriented projects at historical sites, including Glen Leven and Fort Negley.
  • Interact Rotary Service Club

    Sponsor: Mr. Hank Davis
  • International Thespian Society

    Sponsor: Dr. Cal Fuller, Mr. Hunter Woolwine
  • Islamic Studies Club

    Sponsor: Mr. Brooks Tate
  • Jazz Club

    Sponsor: Mr. Jordan Frederick
  • Jewish Advisory Group (JAG)

    Sponsor: Mr. Michael Kelly

    This group meets to discuss and plan activities of interest to Jewish students. All students are welcome.

    Click here to read MBA's Diversity and Inclusion statement.
  • Junior Classical League (JCL)

    Sponsor: Ms. Sarah Ellery, Mr. Michael Stewart, Dr. Tom Cirillo

    Students meet to discuss topics of interest and to plan and coordinate local, midstate, state, and national competitions.
  • Linguistics Club

    Sponsor: Mr. Rob Dougherty
  • Math Club

    Sponsor: Dr. Dustin Hedmark

    The Math Club is a fun and competitive activity in which any math-loving student can participate. It is a place for members to become introduced to interesting math problems, work as a team to attack challenging problems, practice and prepare for math competitions, develop their own math questions, and have fun playing math games.

    It is a great way for students to develop intuitive thinking skills and learn new types of math. The Math Club is also a great way to meet new people and develop teamwork skills. Each year, we compete in a variety of math competitions, such as the AMC 10/12 (American Mathematics Competition) and TMTA (Tennessee Mathematics Teachers' Association ). To prepare members for these competitions, we hold weekly practices and weekly lectures on problem-solving tips.

    Sponsor: Mr. Mike Davidson, Ms. JoAnn Welch

    To prepare for yearly MATHCOUNTS competition.
  • MBA Ambassadors

    Sponsor: Mr. D'On Coofer

    Upperclassmen volunteer to host visitors to the school and to serve as school hosts at the fall Admission Open House, alumni functions, and community events involving MBA or the campus.
  • MBeeA Beekeepers Club

    Sponsor: Mr. Chris Spiegl, Ms. JoAnn Welch
  • Meditation Club

    Sponsor: Mr. Jake Lawrence
  • MLK Society (Service Honor Society)

    Sponsor: Mr. Michael Kelly

    The Martin Luther King, Jr., Society is an honorary society celebrating King's ideals, especially in the realms of service and integrity.

    Click here to read MBA's Diversity and Inclusion statement.
  • Mock Trial

    Sponsors: Mr. Michael Stewart, Mr. Wade Cowan

    The Mock Trial Program at MBA is an opportunity for high school students to gain an understanding and appreciation of our judicial system while perfecting critical thinking and speaking skills in an exciting and challenging competitive environment. MBA has one of the most well respected programs the state. Since 1988, MBA has succeeded in capturing 11 Davidson County championships, two state championships, three second place finishes in the state, and a fifth place finish in the national competition. Mock trial participants work with area lawyers to prepare for the competitions, which are held in February and March each year.
  • Model UN

    Sponsor: Mr. Kevin Vanzant

    Model United Nations delegates represent countries from around the world at conferences that include other schools from the region.  At the conference, delegations discuss, debate, and vote on student-generated resolutions about pressing world issues.  Participants must be prepared to engage in a significant amount of self-directed research and writing.

    Click here to read MBA's Diversity and Inclusion statement.
  • Outdoor Club

    Sponsors: Dr. Tom Cirillo

    Outdoor activities are offered throughout the year at MBA’s Long Mountain property and other areas such as Fiery Gizzard. There is also a backpacking trip in the Western United States every summer.
  • Peer Tutoring

    Sponsor: Mr. Will Narramore

    To provide tutors for students in as many academic disciplines as possible.
  • Philosophy Club

    Sponsor: Mr. Pat Killian

    Within the last five years, the club has met four or five times each semester to discuss a wide range of philosophers, ideas, and issues, ranging from Plato to modern action heroes. The club’s purpose is to introduce new, vigorous approaches to existing knowledge and to challenge members to think clearly and independently.
  • Photography Club

    Sponsor: Ms. Kati Swieca-Brockman, Dr. Wil Onstott

    The MBA Photo Club is meant to foster a love of photography, both digital and film, through meetings, events and contests.  Photography Club also supports the publication of The Bell through the taking of photographs of various events and clubs on campus.
  • Pickleball Club

    Sponsors: Mr. Win Bassett, Mr. Michael Van Citters
  • Ping Pong Club

    Sponsor: Mr. Jake Lawrence
  • Psychology Club

    Sponsor: Mr. Jake Lawrence
  • Real Estate Club

    Mr. Jamie Tillman
  • Recording Studio

    Mr. Ray Kennedy (
  • Red Feathers Club

    Sponsor: Mr. Ben Thompson
  • Red Poets Society

    Sponsor: Mr. Haywood Moxley

    The Red Poet Society meets a few times each semester to begin poems and stories with prompts during our meetings and also to read our own finished writing in a workshop environment.  Any students interested in writing poems, stories, essays, or screenplays are welcome to join this group and experience the fellowship of a writing community.
  • Sartorial Society

    Sponsors: Dr. Jian Farhoumand, Dr. Ric Rader, Mr. Wil Onstott
  • Science Olympiad

    Sponsors: Dr. Jonathan Creamer, Mr. Will Hannon

    Science Olympiad is an international nonprofit organization devoted to improving the quality of science education, increasing student interest in science and providing recognition for outstanding achievement in science education by both students and teachers. These goals are accomplished through classroom activities, research, training workshops and regional, state and national tournaments. The Science Olympiad tournaments are rigorous academic interscholastic competitions that consist of a series of twenty-three individual and team events which students prepare for during the year. These challenging and motivational events are balanced between the various science disciplines of biology, earth science, chemistry, physics, computers and technology. There is also a balance between events requiring knowledge of science facts, concepts, processes, skills and science applications.  A wealth of information can be found on the Science Olympiad page.
  • Service Club

    Sponsors: Ms. Annie B. Williams, Dr. Ric Rader, Dr. Tom Cirillo

    The Service Club oversees students' assistance at events and activities in the school and in the community.  It operates under the rubrics of its constitution.
  • Spikeball Club

    Sponsor: Mr. Will Hannon
  • Stock Market Club

    Sponsor: Mr. Jamie Tillman

    The Great American Stock Market Club fosters an interest and understanding of the US Stock Markets.  MBA students have opportunities engage and compete in Stock Market games and scenarios with students from high schools across the state.
  • Strategy Club

    Sponsor: Mr. Nelson Berry

    The Strategy Club fosters learning strategic, tactical, and analytical skills through hosting multiple game days that showcase these skills. The club owns a wealth of board games and card games, including decks for Magic the Gathering, which are readily available for members to check out and enjoy during these game days. The club also occasionally sponsors smaller events for more specialized groups, such as a draft for Magic the Gathering and a session of Dungeons & Dragons. All game days and smaller events are open to students and faculty, regardless of their experience level with the games and regardless of their membership in the club. 
  • Student Council

    Sponsor: Mr. Harlan Dodson

    The Student Council functions as the primary liaison between students and administration.  It serves as an advisory body for the Head of School, as well as, among other things, overseeing student elections and candidate eligibility.  The Student Council operates under the rubrics of its constitution.  At least one class sponsor for each grade should be present at all meetings.
  • Sustainability Club

    Sponsor: Mr. Clay Bailey
  • TEAMS Competition

    Sponsor: Dr. Gabe Carro

    This is the former JETS competition now renamed TEAMS (Test of Engineering Aptitude, Mathematics and Science).
  • Tearing Down the Walls

    Sponsor: Mr. Michael Kelly, Ms. Camille Hackney, Mr. Jake Lawrence

    Tearing Down the Walls affords students from diverse racial and socio-economic backgrounds the opportunity to become leaders and bridge-builders in the areas of race relations and social justice. Our vision is for students to be emboldened to lead.
  • The Bell (Student Yearbook)

    Sponsor: Ms. Kati Swieca-Brockman, Mr. Ben Thompson

    The Bell is Montgomery Bell Academy's yearbook.  Produced by a team of dedicated students during free periods and after school, the yearbook seeks to document MBA's academic year in all its facets including academics, arts, athletics, service, and student activities.  The Bell is led by an appointed Editor-in-Chief and designed and produced by students using eDesign online publishing software.
  • The Bell Ringer (High School Student Newspaper)

    Sponsors:  Mr. Win Bassett, Dr. Sean Kinch

    The advisors to The Bell Ringer promote responsible journalism among the MBA student body and community and help spearhead the reporting of pertinent news items.  They are responsible for final approval of all photographs, layout and text.  They also supervise the editors and staff, assist in the selection of editors and staff, coordinate arrangements for use of the darkroom, arrange for equipment and supplies, and handle negotiations with the printer.
  • Top of the Hill (Junior School Student Newspaper)

    Sponsors: Dr. Jian Farhoumand, Mr. Michael Van Citters

    Junior school newspaper that creates 4 -5 issues a year. The paper is printed off-site and contains articles ranging from features to sports. The paper is managed by an all-student editorial staff, and all articles and pictures are submitted by students. All seventh and eighth-grade students are welcome to participate.
  • Totomoi (MBA Honor Fraternity)

    Sponsor: Mr. Bill Compton
    Totomoi is a fraternity whose purpose is to recognize juniors and seniors who have shown outstanding leadership in academic achievement, athletics, the arts, service to the school and community, and student government.  Students apply and are selected for Totomoi induction by a committee of Totomoi faculty and students in course.  The students selected must be approved by the faculty.  Inductees, who can also include faculty members, are honored at a tapping ceremony held twice annually.  Membership in Totomoi is the highest honor a student can achieve at MBA.
  • Tri M Music Club

    Sponsor: Mrs. Nikki Wilson

    The Tri M Music Club seeks to spread the joyfulness and therapeutic properties of music within the MBA community and into the greater Nashville community. To preserve long-term relationships, the club will prioritize serving at organizations with previous relations to the MBA Service Club. The Tri M Music Club builds more community with music students, helps more students get out and serve, and lets students know when they can serve.
  • Ultimate Frisbee Club

    Sponsor: Mr. Will Hannon
  • Volleyball Club

    Sponsor: Dr. Michael Marro

    This club is a foundation for further interest in volleyball, as MBA will have volleyball courts in the new Wellness Center. By garnering the support and interest of the current student body, more people will be inclined to make use of these resources. We hope to make the team collaborative between both the lower and high schools to foster under/upperclassmen bonds.
  • Yoga Club

    Sponsor: Ms. Hannah Stone
  • Young Democrats Club

    Sponsor: Mr. Kevin Hamrick

    Political interest club.
  • Young Life

    Sponsor: Mr. Edd Caudill
  • Young Republicans Club

    Sponsor: Mr. J. P. Bernatavitz
  • Youth in Government

    Sponsor: Mr. Kevin Vanzant

    Students become members of the Tennessee Legislature, Supreme Court, or Governor's cabinet for a weekend, writing and sponsoring legislation and debating the merits in assemblies that take place in the chambers of the Tennessee House and Senate.

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