Robotics Club

The MBA Robotics Club is a group aimed at using modern technology to advance life on a small scale and societal scale by experimenting and learning about the technological forces that drive our everyday lives. The club features competitions of various sorts, including the B.E.S.T. competition in the fall and an MBA Lego Mindstorms competition in the spring. Student members have the opportunity to design, build, and program robots in both an educational and competitive atmosphere. As it is in its first year, the club is continuously incorporating new ideas into its activities. The Robotics Club works in the incredible new Robotics Room in the Wilson Library, and is open to both junior schoolers and high schoolers

The club meets regularly at the break on Tuesdays and on Friday afternoons from 4-6 p.m. Please contact Dr. Jim Lech if you are interested in membership.

Montgomery Bell Academy

4001 Harding Road
Nashville, TN 37205
(615) 298-5514