Fathers Club
    • Henry Menge (Head of Concessions), Michael Ory (Head of Volunteers), Ben Elrod (President), William Kirkland (Vice President of Finance)

Fathers Club Officers, 2023-2024

Ben Elrod -

Vice President of Finance
William Kirkland -

Head of Volunteers
Michael Ory -

Head of Concessions
Henry Menge -

MBA Fathers Club Class Representatives:

7th Grade
Mike Farley -
Jerry Lankford -

8th Grade
Brandon Keane -
Jeff Haithcoat -

9th Grade
Matt Perkins -
Tal Lefler -

10th Grade
William Hinds -
Hart Weatherford -

11th Grade
Colin Cooke -
Chris Parker -

12th Grade
Curtis Coleman -
Will Coles -

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