Arts at MBA

The Visual and Performing Arts Department is composed of four separate disciplines: music, speech, theater, and the visual arts. While placed under one umbrella, these subjects are taught as separate disciplines, providing students with avenues for understanding the history and tradition; the theory and methodology; and the practice, performance, and product unique to each.

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While one credit in this area is required for graduation, students are encouraged to begin these classes in the early high school years to open greater possibilities for further study. As courses within the curriculum, a framework is established for students to learn to speak the unique language of art, music, and or theater by learning to apply the vocabulary; critically and creatively solving problems placed before them; and learning to compose and critique work. The end result is a product, whether crafted individually or as a group, that is the measure of the investment and interpretation of that original query. Standards and expectations are high for these courses, but talent is not required. These subjects are taught and can be learned. The depth of MBA student work in each of these disciplines transcends expectations of traditional high school work by the academic nature of the school and through an intense focus unique to a single gender environment. The end result of work in this area is the basis for a lifetime of learning, understanding, and confidence in the arts.

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