Established by Hamilton Berry, class of 2003, Cellophony is a student-run concert supporting Nashville's W.O. Smith Music School, which provides quality music instruction to children from low-income families. By showcasing the talent of the musicians here at MBA, we hope to help children across the city open new doors into their own musical potentials. Cellophony originally started, as the name suggests, with two cellos playing rock and roll and other popular arrangements, but has since expanded to include other instruments, vocalists, and many musical genres. Over the years, the work and design for Cellophony has also developed immensely, now requiring a crew for setting the stage as well as for directing lights and audio.
Cellophony benefits the W.O. Smith Music School.
W.O. Smith Music School makes affordable, quality music instruction available to children from low-income families.  We transform lives through music.

Through hard work and perseverance, W.O. Smith earned a PhD and became a member of the music faculty at Tennessee State University.  In addition to his successes in academia, he was the first African American member of the Nashville Symphony and a noted jazz bassist, playing with jazz greats such as Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker.  W.O. Smith believed in the power of music, and thought that by offering musical instruction to children from low-income families that they would be able to change their lives. In 1984, his dream became a reality when W.O. Smith Music School first opened its doors.  The school began with 45 students; it now serves more than 650 annually.  Over the course of its existence, W.O. Smith Music School has introduced thousands of interested and deserving children to the world of music.
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