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The Guidance Counseling office at Montgomery Bell Academy works in concert with MBA faculty and MBA’s parent community to ensure that each student feels supported, understood, and adjusted during his experience at MBA. The Counseling office is dedicated to helping students develop greater self-understanding, identify and solve problems, and improve academic performance through the alleviation of psychological, emotional, and cognitive barriers. In addition to offering a safe haven for students during periods of difficulty and transition, the office seeks to provide information and resources that will assist students and their families beyond the school day.

Our counseling team is comprised of MBA staff and faculty with a commitment and passion for helping to shape the lives of students from all walks of life. Caroline Scholer, Director of Counseling Services, has a background in counseling, and also brings knowledge of the school and dedication to the students in the Counseling office. Other members of the counseling team include Jamie Tillman, Annie B. Williams, Chris Sanders, and Jake Lawrence. These talented people bring knowledge and experience in different areas and provide our boys with options in finding the right person with whom to connect.

Our doors are always open to students and parents alike. As we move through the academic year, it is our hope that you will feel free to contact us with any concerns you have about your son. It is our sincere wish to get to know every boy on campus and make certain each student finds his place at MBA.

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  • Safe Place: Free, Confidential, Always There

    Safe Place: Free, Confidential, Always There
    (Information and text taken from, with permission of the Oasis Center.)
    Go into any store, fire hall or business that has a Safe Place sign or get on an MTA bus. (They are also Safe Places) Say that you need help and want Safe Place. You will receive free, immediate and confidential help from a trained counselor either on the phone or at Oasis. Now, how does it work again?

    Call our toll-free Safe Place Hotline at any time for confidential help: 1-866- 975-FREE or (615) 327-4455

  • Counseling Referral Information 

    The following professional counselors and physicians are available for referral of students and faculty/staff from Montgomery Bell Academy. 

    Robin Oatis-Ballew, Ph.D., PLLC 
    5819 Old Harding Road, #204 
    Nashville, TN 37205 
    (615) 887-8219 

    Daniel Barton, MD 
    4525 Harding Pike, Suite 200 
    Nashville, TN 37205 
    (615) 349-1820 

    Cumberland Heights Alcohol 
    and Drug Treatment 
    8283 River Road 
    Nashville, TN 
    (615) 356-2700 

    Family & Children’s Services 
    201 23rd Avenue North 
    Nashville, TN 
    (615) 327-0833 

    Roberta E. Gallagher, Ph.D 
    1916 Patterson Street, Suite 606 
    Nashville, TN 37203 
    (615) 322-9227 

    Kathryn Eckstein Jalovec, M.D.
    Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatry
    4535 Harding Road, Suite 102
    Nshville, TN  37205
    615 269-4557

    Dr. Jack Koch Jr. 
    2125 Belcourt Avenue 
    Nashville, TN 37212 
    Office (615) 269-0525 
    Fax (615) 269-3596 
    Cell (615) 513-8392 
    Beeper (615) 816-1804 

    Kerry Low, LCSW, BCC
    Licensed Clinical Social Worker
    Board Certified Coach
    4525 Harding Rd., Suite 235
    Nashville, TN  37205

    Cheryl Mendez, MSSW 
    Oasis Center 
    1704 Charlotte Avenue, Suite 300
    Nashville, TN 37203
    (615) 327-4455 

    Brett S. Shapiro, PhD, NCC (Licensed Psychologist, National Certified Counselor)
    4322 Harding Pike, Suite 226
    Nashville, tN 37205 615-329-1181
    Child/Adolescent, Family, and Group Psychotherapy
    Psychological Testing

    Fred S. Starr, MD
    1503 17th Avenue South
    Nashville, TN 37212
    (615) 292-1664

    Harrison H. Taylor, LCSW 
    4219 Hillsboro Road, Suite 216 
    Nashville, TN 37215
    (615) 329-0015 

    Katie Veit, LCSW
    4205 Hillsboro Road, Suite 300
    Nashville, TN  37215
    615 306-8044

    Rebekah Walker, LCSW 
    PO Box 58314 
    Nashville, TN 37205 
    (615) 352-6078 

Meet the Guidance Counseling Staff

List of 5 members.

  • Photo of Caroline Scholer

    Mrs. Caroline Scholer 

    Director of Counseling Services
    University of Stellenbosch - BSW
    University of Denver - MSW
    At MBA since 2015
  • Photo of James Tillman

    Mr. James Tillman 

    Math Tutor, Guidance Counseling, Baseball Club
    George Peabody College - BA
    Vanderbilt University - MA
    At MBA since 1966
  • Photo of Annie B. Williams

    Ms. Annie B. Williams 

    Director of Civic and Global Education
    Rhodes College - BA
    Columbia University - JD
    At MBA since 2006
  • Photo of Chris Sanders

    Mr. Chris Sanders 

    Athletic Department Liaison, Admissions, Counseling, Varsity Football, Varsity Track
    The Ohio State University - B.A.
    At MBA since 2008
  • Photo of John Lawrence

    Mr. John Lawrence 

    Counselor, History Teacher, Soccer Coach
    Appalachian State University - Post Graduate Certificates
    University of Tennessee - BA
    Appalachian State University - MA
    At MBA since 2015
    MBA Class of 2004

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