International Exchange Programs

International Exchange Programs

MBA Spans the Globe: International Exchange Programs and Study Abroad Programs
As today's society becomes increasingly globally-minded, the ability to appreciate and understand other cultures becomes extremely important. In order to function in this world, one needs to step outside the boundaries of his life and see things from a different perspective. Montgomery Bell Academy recognizes this need and offers international exchange opportunities for both students and faculty at peer institutions in South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. These programs add depth and scope to the overall MBA experience by offering participants a unique perspective on international education and broadening their cultural horizons.

Experience Another Culture 

MBA's formal exchange program began in the 1997-98 school year with the British boarding schools of Eton College and Winchester College. It expanded in 2000 with the addition of exchanges to The Southport School in Australia (through 2007) and Michaelhouse in South Africa; in 2002 MBA initiated an exchange program with Kearsney College in South Africa (through 2004). In 2004 The King's School in Australia (through 2016) and Pan American High School in Costa Rica (through 2005) were added. In 2005, an exchange program with Lindisfarne College in New Zealand was initiated.  Athens College in Greece (through 2010) and Melbourne Grammar School were added to the exchange program in 2008. During the summer of 2009, several faculty and students traveled to China on a cultural trip that has exciting prospects for future expansion. The addition of Christ's College, New Zealand, in 2010 brought another dimension to our New Zealand exchanges and 2011 brought Bishops College in Cape Town, South Africa, on board. In 2013 another Australia school was added to the travel opportunities - Christ's Church Grammar School in Perth. These exchange opportunities are available for both students and faculty and range in length from three to five weeks. At some of the host schools, participants stay on or near the campus in "houses" (dormitories). Other schools ask host families to house the visiting students. 

As exchange participants, MBA students and faculty serve as the school's ambassadors to institutions abroad representing the school while having the experience of a lifetime. MBA is fortunate to have endowed money provided through the generous sponsorship of supporters like Dudley Warner '61 and the Whitson family to offset a number of the expenses of these exchanges.

Schedule of Exchanges for Students - All dates are subject to change

  • Melbourne Grammar School:  4-5 weeks, mid-July to mid-August
  • Hutchins School:  3-4 weeks, mid-July to mid-August
  • Lindisfarne College:  4 weeks, mid-June to mid-July 
  • Christ's College:  3-4 weeks, mid-July to mid-August
  • Michaelhouse School:  4-5 weeks, mid-July to mid-August
  • Bishops College:  3-4 weeks, mid-July to mid-August


List of 3 frequently asked questions.

  • Who chooses the exchange participants?

    A committee including faculty and students who have participated in past exchanges and the head of school select candidates who will be good representatives of MBA abroad.
  • What grade must a student be in to participate in an exchange?

    Students must be juniors to apply and participate in the exchanges (with the summer exchanges immediately following the junior year). This requirement ensures a certain level of maturity and also gives participants the opportunity to serve on the selection committee for the following year's participants.
  • Are any of the exchanges more demanding than others?

    Academically, no program is more demanding than any other. However, the Eton exchange that takes place during the "Lenten term," from January to March, tends to be the most challenging because of its timing - preceding the MBA first semester exams and into the beginning of the second semester. The MBA student chosen for the exchange is expected to work with his MBA teachers and the Academic Dean to facilitate the taking of his exams and coordination of his courses. While students are granted some flexibility in terms of their MBA workload, they are expected to be dedicated and academically capable of keeping up with their studies.

Application Process

  • For Melbourne Grammar School, Hutchins School, Lindisfarne College, Christ's College, Michaelhouse School, Bishops College: December 6, 2023
  • Students: The Application Form can be found here.

Exchange School Info

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  • Melbourne Grammar School (Melbourne, Australia)

    Melbourne Grammar School is one of Australia’s leading independent schools, with a tradition of excellence extending over more than 160 years. We believe in the holistic development of young people: intellectually, physically, emotionally, psychologically, socially and spirituality. Ours is an inclusive, community-focused culture in which both student effort and achievement are recognised and celebrated. Our culture is further enhanced by an involved network of staff and parents, the knowledge and experience of our alumni, and the depth of our connections with the broader communities around us.
  • Hutchins School (Tasmania, Australia)

    The Hutchins School is an Anglican day and boarding school for boys from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12. The School was established in 1846 in memory of The Venerable William Hutchins, first Archdeacon of Van Diemen’s Land, and is one of the oldest continually running schools in Australia. We have a strong sense of tradition that instils in our students and staff an appreciation for the history of the School and what it means to be a part of the Hutchins community.
  • Lindisfarne College (Hastings, New Zealand)

    Lindisfarne College is a state-integrated boarding and day school for boys, located on a stunning 22ha park-like campus on the outskirts of Hastings in Hawke’s Bay. Since opening in 1953, Lindisfarne College has had a clear vision: that the young men of Lindisfarne will be of good character and will go on to lead lives of success and significance. Immersed in the Lindisfarne College culture of excellence, every boy is motivated to discover his strengths - whether it be in the classroom, on the sports field, on the stage or in serving others. Success, however, is not just measured by what a Lindisfarne boy achieves, but how he chooses to live his life as a good son, brother and friend, and future colleague, husband, father.
  • Christ's College (Christchurch, New Zealand)

    Christ’s College was modelled on the public schools of England, which many of the men in the Canterbury Association had themselves attended. The emphasis was on a classical education, which included Greek and Latin, Modern Languages, Mathematics, English, History and Geography. Christ's College is an independent boarding and day school, established as part of the original Anglican foundation of Christchurch. Core Christian virtues guide all that we do and how we act. Honesty, respect, justice and compassion create a caring and supportive environment at College, where boys feel comfortable to be themselves as they strive to reach their potential. Our mission is Each boy at his best. We have a clear vision at Christ’s College - to educate boys to be virtuous men who make a positive contribution to society.
  • Michaelhouse School (KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, South Africa)

    Now in its 127th year, Michaelhouse has established a unique ethos dedicated to holism. In an era marked by educational focus on a single area of endeavour – academic, sporting, or cultural – Michaelhouse remains committed to its founder’s vision: to make not accountants, not clerks, not clergymen, but men; men of understanding, thought and culture.” It is our belief that a boy’s time at senior school is as much about discovering his niche in life as having the freedom, opportunity and encouragement to explore it and become the best that he can be. The school’s campus offers an environment rich in time and facilities allowing the unique potential of each boy to emerge and thrive. Parents of any teenage boy know that the challenge doesn’t lie in creating energy, the trick lies in channelling it; and the availability of a fully resident staff compliment dedicated to encouraging boys to make the best use of the time and world-class facilities constantly available to them, is just one aspect which sets Michaelhouse apart.
  • Bishops College (Cape Town, South Africa)

    Bishops is an independent Anglican boys’ school in Rondebosch, Cape Town, made up of a Pre-preparatory school, a Preparatory school and the College. At present, there are 110 teaching staff and 1440 Students from Grade N (4-year olds) to Grade 12 (18 year olds). At the heart of what Bishops offers is a commitment to a values-driven education that prepares the boys for life beyond school, and inspiring them to realise their dreams. It has a long tradition of striving for excellence in the key areas of educational practice – the academic, sporting, pastoral, cultural and spiritual activities which make up the life of schools. While the school values its independence, it recognises that it has a special role within the South Africa of the 21st century.

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