International Exchange Programs

International Exchange Programs

MBA Spans the Globe: International Exchange Programs and Study Abroad Programs
As today's society becomes increasingly globally-minded, the ability to appreciate and understand other cultures becomes extremely important. In order to function in this world, one needs to step outside the boundaries of his life and see things from a different perspective. Montgomery Bell Academy recognizes this need and offers international exchange opportunities for both students and faculty at peer institutions in England, South Africa, Australia, South America, and New Zealand. These programs add depth and scope to the overall MBA experience by offering participants a unique perspective on international education and broadening their cultural horizons.

Experience Another Culture 

MBA's formal exchange program began in the 1997-98 school year with the British boarding schools of Eton College and Winchester College. It expanded in 2000 with the addition of exchanges to The Southport School in Australia (through 2007) and Michaelhouse in South Africa; in 2002 MBA initiated an exchange program with Kearsney College in South Africa (through 2004). In 2004 The King's School in Australia (through 2016) and Pan American High School in Costa Rica (through 2005) were added. In 2005, an exchange program with Lindisfarne College in New Zealand was initiated.  Athens College in Greece (through 2010) and Melbourne Grammar School were added to the exchange program in 2008. During the summer of 2009, several faculty and students traveled to China on a cultural trip that has exciting prospects for future expansion. The addition of Christ's College, New Zealand in 2010 brought another dimension to our New Zealand exchanges and 2011 brought the Bishop's School in Cape Town, South Africa on board. In 2013 another Australia school was added to the travel opportunities - Christ Church Grammar School in Perth. These exchange opportunities are available for both students and faculty and range in length from three weeks to three months. At some of the host schools, participants stay on or near the campus in "houses" (dormitories). Other schools ask host families to house the visiting students. 

As exchange participants, MBA students and faculty serve as the school's ambassadors to institutions abroad representing the school while having the experience of a lifetime. MBA is fortunate to have endowed money provided through the generous sponsorship of supporters like Dudley Warner '61 and the Whitson family to offset a number of the expenses of these exchanges.

Schedule of Exchanges for Students  - All dates are subject to change
  • Eton College (Lenten term): 3 months January - March
  • Winchester College: 4 weeks, June to early July 
  • Michaelhouse: 4-5 weeks, mid-July to mid-August
  • Melbourne Grammar: 4-5 weeks, mid-July to mid-August
  • Lindisfarne College: 4 weeks, mid-June to mid-July 
  • Christ's College: 3-4 weeks, mid July - mid August
  • Bishops School: 3-4 weeks, mid July - mid August 
  • Christ Church Grammar School - 4-5 weeks, early June - early July
  • The Southport School - 3-4 weeks, mid July - mid August
  • The Hutchin's School - 3 weeks, mid July - beginning August


List of 3 frequently asked questions.

  • Who chooses the exchange participants? 

    A committee including faculty and students who have participated in past exchanges and the headmaster select candidates who will be good representatives of MBA abroad.
  • What grade must a student be in to participate in an exchange?

    Students must be juniors to apply and participate in the exchanges (with the summer exchanges immediately following the junior year). This requirement ensures a certain level of maturity and also gives participants the opportunity to serve on the selection committee for the following year's participants.
  • Are any of the exchanges more demanding than others?

    Academically, no program is more demanding than any other. However, the Eton exchange that takes place during the "Lenten term," from January to March, tends to be the most challenging because of its timing - preceding the MBA first semester exams and into the beginning of the second semester. The MBA student chosen for the exchange is expected to work with his MBA teachers and the Academic Dean to facilitate the taking of his exams and coordination of his courses. While students are granted some flexibility in terms of their MBA workload, they are expected to be dedicated and academically capable of keeping up with their studies.

Application Deadlines

  • For Eton College (Lenten term): TBD
  • For Winchester College, Melbourne Grammar School, Lindisfarne College, Michaelhouse School, Christ's College, Bishop School, CCGS, Southport School, and Hutchin's School: TBD
Application Process 
  • Students: The Student Application Form can be found here.

Information about Exchange Schools

List of 10 items.

  • Bishops School - Cape Town, South Africa

    Bishops is an independent boys’ school in Cape Town with a long history, a strong academic ethos combined with a commitment to all-roundedness, and a proud record of achievements. The school is confident that boys, through their experience of Bishops, will grow into fulfilled and responsible men. It is a high achieving school in all areas – academically, on the sportsfields, and in a wide variety of social and cultural activities. One of the strengths of a Bishops education has been the recognition of each individual’s special talent or interest so that we can assist it to develop. Structures within the school such as the House system and the tutor groups allow for much closer contact between boys, and between staff and boys, which enables recognition of both achievements and problems.
  • Christ Church Grammar School - Perth, Australia

    Christ Church Grammar School is located in Perth, Australia. Their motto is "Boys educated to know, to do, to live with others and to be." 
    Our mission underpins all that we do at Christ Church Grammar School. It encapsulates the energy, diversity and rigour of the School’s programmes while highlighting the importance of community and the spiritual side of humanity. 
    Our values give meaning and purpose to our lives. They guide us as we strive to achieve our Mission.
    • Care and compassionCare for self and others.Environmental responsibilityRespect and concern for the natural and cultural environment.ExcellenceSeek to accomplish something noteworthy and admirable, individually and collectively, and perform at one’s best.FreedomEnjoy all the rights and privileges of citizenship free from unnecessary interference or control, and stand up for the rights of others.Honesty and trustworthinessBe honest, sincere and seek the truth.IntegrityAct in accordance with principles of moral and ethical conduct, and ensure consistency between words and deeds.RespectTreat others with consideration and regard.ResponsibilityBe accountable for and in charge of one’s own actions – personal, social and civic.Social justiceBe committed to the pursuit and protection of the common good where all persons are entitled to legal, social and economic fair treatment.Understanding and inclusionBe aware of others and their cultures, accept diversity and include others.
  • Christ's College - Christchurch, New Zealand

    Christ’s College is one of New Zealand’s oldest schools, and also one of its most progressive. With a roll of 660 (220 boarders and 440 dayboys) we are an independent, Anglican school for boys from Year 9 to Year 13.Christ’s College understands that good teaching and learning is not about assessment, it is about classroom connectedness, and capable, inspiring teachers. Our teachers have a common desire to develop in boys a passion for learning that will endure. For more information, visit the school's website at 
  • Eton College - Windsor, United Kingdom

    Eton College was founded in 1440 by King Henry VI for the worship of God, and for the training of young men to the service of the Church and State. His aim was to have seventy so trained, first at Eton, then at King's College, Cambridge. These were his Scholars. Today, there are now some 1280 boys at Eton. For more information regarding Eton, consult their website at
  • Lindisfarne College - Hastings, New Zealand

    Lindisfarne College, founded in 1953, is a Presbyterian Boys School located in Hastings, New Zealand. The school proudly takes its name from the early monastery, established in 634 A.D. off the Northumbrian Coast of England by St. Aidan. Each boy at Lindisfarne is placed in one of 4 'Houses'; Oswald, Durham, Aidan and Cuthbert - each named after early Christian martyrs or saints, and Christian worship is a vital element of College Life. The beautiful park-like surroundings of the school grounds, and the gracious old 3 storeyed "Homestead" building, have been nurtured and well maintained so that the College environment is a peaceful and pleasant educational environment for pupils and staff. The old tennis court area, dating from the 1900's, has evolved into the sweeping Homestead lawn, edged by flower beds, native ferns bordering the trickling stream and many marvellous old English trees. The College Council marked the new millennium with extensive renovations of the Homestead building, managing to keep its "Olde World" charm by employing skilled craftsmen to renew the wooden panelling, leather armchairs and tiled roofing. The "Homestead" now houses the staffroom, Rector's office, Boardroom and administration areas. For more information, visit the school's website at
  • Melbourne Grammar School - Melbourne, Australia

    Melbourne Grammar School is committed to being one of the world's leading teaching and learning institutions by offering young students the finest education. Our purpose is to enable students to look beyond what they think is possible to achieve the unimaginable. Founded in 1858, Melbourne Grammar School educates some 1,800 students from Prep to Year 12. It fosters excellence through learning and leadership and offers an educational experience ranging across intellectual, social, cultural, spiritual and physical pursuits. Melbourne Grammar's Senior School campus is centrally located in South Yarra, opposite the Royal Botanic Gardens, playing fields and parks. Senior students, some 780 day boys and boarders from Years 9 to 12, enjoy the most up to date learning facilities housed in historic, bluestone buildings. For more information, please visit the web site
  • Michaelhouse - KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, South Africa

    Michaelhouse, founded in 1896 by Anglican Priest Canon James Cameron Todd, is situated in the heart of the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands in South Africa. Michaelhouse aims to give boys a holistic education which encompasses all that they do. The school currently has an enrollment of over 530 boys. For more information, visit their website at
  • Winchester College - Winchester, United Kingdom

    One of the oldest of the great public (public is the British equivalent of America's private schools) schools of England, Winchester College dates from 1382, when it was founded by Bishop William of Wykeham to prepare boys for his new college, Oxford, known as St. Mary College of Winchester in Oxford. The organization of the school, established as a self-governing and sovereign body, was the pattern for Henry VI's foundation at Eton College and, more generally, the pattern for other English public schools. For further information, visit the web site at
  • The Hutchin's School, Hobart, Tasmania

  • The Southport School, Gold Coast, Australia

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