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ENDADA will be held on Saturday, April 24, and parent volunteers (both moms and dads) are needed to help things run smoothly. ENDADA is MBA’s student-run music & arts festival, and it’s back on campus this year!  Click Here to Sign Up today. Questions? Please contact Tracy Crawford or Kira Roberts. 

Mothers Club 2020 - 2021 Board

Admissions Liaisons 
Elizabeth Bertani
Laurie Cian
Emily Mabry
Lella Wilbanks
Admissions Preview Day  Chairs
Lauren Ross
Alice Wall

Art Show Chairs 
Kelly Dillon
Martha Elrod
Elizabeth Wade

Art Show Chairs, Step-Up 
Wylie Franks
Mimi Gannon
Kelly Shirley
Big Red Store Chairs 
Julia Gaw
Stephanie Pease
Jill Stroud

Big Red Store Chairs, Step-Up 
Kitsie Hayles
Beth Kirkland
Edith Kirkland
Blazers & More-Used Clothing Sale Chairs
Rachel Beavers
Ellen Hitt
Belinda McSween
Mary Rodgers
Julie Roberts
Carnival Chairs
Kathleen Williams
Katie Woodcock
College Admissions Community Panel Chairs
Angali Lewis
Pasha Versa
Community Events & Lecture Series Chairs
Rosemary McIlhenny
Jamie Vaughan
Endada Arts Festival Chairs
Tracy Crawford
Kira Roberts

Facilities Chair
Ashley Edwards

Faculty/Staff Appreciation Luncheon Chairs
Jenny Frank
Beth Holzaphel

Faculty/Staff Birthday Chairs
Natalie Carr
Amanda Sinclair
Amy Smith

Faculty Dinner/HS Parents Night Chairs
Alyce Ory
Tricia Hall

Faculty Dinner/JS Parents Night Chairs
Catherine Beemer
Kim Sonday

Fall Kick-Off Coffee Chairs
Eboni Heron
Meredith Griffith
Kelli Myers
Liz Willers

Fall & Winter Community Inclusion Breakfasts Chairs
Parul Goyal
Neeraja Peterson
Rachel Robinson
Lasa Rucker

Flower Chair
Laura Stone

Flower Committee
Katherine Crawford
Paige Green
Elizabeth Hancock
Ashley Henry
Caroline Lindsey
Shannon Russell
Julie Schneider
Beth Smith

Freshman Homecoming Dinner Chairs
Libba Durrett
Robin Sandidge
Shae Uden
Rosemary VerHulst

High School Commencement Reception Chairs
Ashley Cook
Meg Manning

Holiday Decorations Chairs
Tysha Huber
Brooke Keane

Holiday Gifts for Faculty & Staff Chair
Stephanie Tatro

Influential Teachers Reception Chairs
Leslie Dabrowiak
Lowry Harrington

International Exchange Chairs
Natalie Carr
Rachel Chamblin
Tanisha Hall

Junior School Representatives
Caroline Armstrong
Kelley Durham
Jessica Jennings
Shannon McGuffin

Library Volunteer Chair
Kalpana Gowda

Mothers Club Closet Chair
Kelsey Jackson

Mothers Club Photography Chairs
Kelly Frazier
Kathleen Williams

Mothers Club Social Media Chair
Deborah Lawson

Mother/Son Breakfast Chairs
Kate Elasy
Mari-Kate Hopper

New Parent Outreach Chairs
Shawn Curley
Andrea Perry
Liz Smith

New Student/Parent Orientation Dinner Chairs
Cathy Lucas
Blair McEvoy

Poinsettia Sale Chairs
Ali Davis
Cathy Krumm
Jenny Lenderman

Project Graduation Chairs
Susan Brownie
Mandy Gauldin
Paige Harden
Debbie Segers

Prom Tuxedo Rental Chairs
Heather Pacconi
Andra Perkerson

Senior Mother/Son Luncheon Chairs
Stacey Andrews
Dionne Dewitt
Dawn Looney

Shopping Partners Chair
Kristin Beach

Spaghetti Supper Chairs
Cara Crews
Mary Sensing

Sports Program Ad Sales Chairs
Lisa Cole
Tricia Murray
Catherine Plato
Paige Roddey

Spring Plant Sale Chairs
Jennifer Higgs
Anne Elizabeth Tachek

Student Art Show Receptions Chairs
Christy Echols
Kristin Locke
Jessica Viner

Student Music Receptions Chairs
Karen Curnutte
Noel Kinser
Lauren Tumminello

Student Theater Receptions Chairs
Aimee Perri
Elizabeth Sharpe
Amy Siegenthaler
Kim Sligh

Sunshine Committee Chairs
Jennifer Adams
Kathy Billings
Kisha Campbell
Laurel Ditto

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