Summer Soccer Rules


Teams will play 7 v 7. A minimum of 5 players is required to play. In the event a team is short, players from other teams can be used to complete roster for the game.

Start of Play:

1. Choice of ends and kick-off will be determined by a coin flip.
2. Each game will consist of two 25 minute halves with a 5 minute halftime.
3. Teams will change ends at the start of the 2nd half.

Ball In and Out of Play:

1) The Ball is out of play when it completely crosses the sideline or endline.
2) When the Ball crosses the sideline, it is put back into play by a kick-in from ground.
3) When the Ball crosses the endline, it is put back into play:
     a. By a corner kick, if last touched by defense
     b. By a goal kick, if last touched by offense
4) If there is a stoppage of play (injury, official’s time, etc.) team with possession will play the ball from sideline or with a drop kick, at referee’s discretion.


1) A goal is scored when the entire Ball has passed completely over the plane of the goal line
      a. A goal may be scored during play directly from:
          i. Direct free kick
          ii. Penalty kick
          iii. Corner kick
          iv. Open play
      b. A goal may not be scored during play directly from:
          i. Kick-off
          ii. Indirect free kick
          iii. Goal kick
          iv. Kick-in (from sideline)


1) There is no offsides in 7 v 7.

Fouls and Misconduct:

All fouls and calls will be made by the referee. The referee will determine whether play requires a direct or indirect free kick. On free-kicks, opposing team must be 6 yards from ball.
Any severe misconduct will result in a warning by the referee. Any continued misconduct will result in ejection from the game, and team down one player.
This league is designed to be fun, competitive, and loose.

Fouls Committed By The Goalkeeper:

1) The goalkeeper has six seconds to release ball.
2) The goalkeeper shall not deliberately play the ball and then touch it with his hands, until another player has touched the ball.
3) When a player deliberately kicks the ball to his own goalkeeper, the keeper is not allowed to touch the ball with his hands.

Penalty Kicks:

1) All direct fouls occurring in the defensive penalty area and made by the defensive team will result in a penalty-kick situation
2) The penalty kick will be a one-on-goalie situation starting from midfield. The player has 10 seconds to score.

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