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A school for boys in grades 7 - 12. Founded in 1867.

MBA rolls on at Greenhill Fall Classic

Three MBA teams competed at the Greenhill Fall Classic in Dallas, TX, the first major national tournament on the team's travel calendar. 

MBA BG (William Bradford & Atticus Glen) was 5-1 and the tournament's 8th seed, defeating Blue Valley North (KS) in the double octafinals and the St. Mark's School of Texas in the octafinals before losing 2-1 to North Broward Prep (FL) in the quarterfinals.

MBA BH (Aden Barton & Julian Habermann) was 5-1 and the tournament's 3rd seed but was upset in the double octafinals by Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart (FL). Aden Barton was named the 5th place individual speaker of the tournament. Julian Habermann was 8th speaker.

MBA HR (Jack Harrington & Jack Rankin) was 5-1 and the tournament's 6th seed, defeating Chattahoochee (GA) in the double octafinals, the Westminster Schools (GA) in the octafinals, and Glenbrook South (IL) in the quarterfinals before losng 0-3 to Woodward Academy (GA) in the semifinals. Jack Harrington was named the 13th speaker. Jack Rankin was the 14th speaker. 


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