Mock Trial Team Has Strong Showing at City Championship

This past weekend, MBA had four teams participate in the Tennessee State High School Mock Trial Middle Division. MBA earned first, second, sixth, and ninth places out of twenty-three teams and will be able to send two teams to next month's state championship competition. They will be joined by two teams from St. Mary's Episcopal School, two teams from GPS, a homeschool team from Chattanooga, and Brentwood High School.

MBA Red, consisting of Chanden Climaco, C.H. Henry, Joseph Bellardo, Maithreya Gowda, Matthew Hyde, Nikko Haroldson, Sam Meacham, and Travis Swafford, finished in first place after defeating teams from Harpeth Hall and Goodpasture in rounds 1 and 2, our own MBA White in round 3, and MBA Gray in the finals.

MBA Silver, consisting of Jack Coode, Jack Manning, Jon Tarquinio, Sam Bartholomew, Scott Wallace, Stanford Thombs, William Cook, and Yatish Jindal finished in ninth place after defeating Coffee County and Ravenwood in rounds 1 and 3 and losing to a team from Harpeth Hall in round 2.

MBA White, consisting of Ashwin Jain, Frank Pierce, Gene Herrmann, Jason Zhu, Owen Henderson, Reid Smith, Thomas Peterson, and Tuneer Ghosh finished in sixth place after defeating teams from Warren County and USN in rounds 1 and 2 and losing to our own MBA Red in round 3.

MBA Gray, a novice team consisting of Alex Dean, Charlie Kost, Ethan Bandaccari, Haami Yassin, Harrison Zoller, Jack Roberts, Jude Bueno, K.J. Jones, Larson Looney, and Vishi Parikh finished in second place defeating teams from Clarksville, BGA, and Franklin High, and losing to MBA Red in the finals.

Our teams also took home several individual awards. Larson Looney, Chanden Climaco, and Reid Smith earned awards for their performance as attorneys. We also had four of the top six witnesses, awarded to: K.J. Jones, Frank Pierce, Matthew Hyde, and Maithreya Gowda.

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