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The Theater Program at Montgomery Bell Academy

The Theater Program at MBA helps students develop creative solutions to complex problems. In facing the challenges of performance, students develop sensitivity to the interpersonal relationships inherent in the collaborative process and grow as individuals, thus preparing them for all enterprises that value these qualities. 

As teachers, we emphasize two things about theater from the beginning: character and collaboration. We start with the Greeks' understanding of character as moral fiber and discuss how the work of both drama and life is about building character. Perhaps the most distinctive aspect of theater as an art form is that it is collaborative. This means that if the work is to be good, then the whole group of various artists must work together with a shared vision and goal. In rehearsals, we emphasize working as an ensemble with no "star" system. Every contribution is important and necessary for opening night to happen. In classes and rehearsals, we continually emphasize cooperating together and sacrificing personal ego for the greater good of the "team" and for the excellence of the work itself. As director Constantin Stanislavski demands, "You must make up you mind, once and for all, did you come here to serve art, and to make sacrifices for its sake, or to exploit your own personal ends? " The greatest test of the success of the play, more important than numbers in the audience or praise from critics, is how well we have worked together to produce the show. 

Specifically, the theater program's curricular and extra-curricular offerings provide a history and an appreciation of drama for the beginning student, as well as extensive training and college preparation for the advanced student.

MBA's 2017-2018 Theater Season

August 30 - September 2
Footloose by Dean Pitchford, Walter Bobbie & Tom Snow.
In our twentieth collaborative musical with Harpeth Hall, we return to the rockin’ rhythms of the ‘80s and mega-hits by Eric Carmen, Sammy Hagar and Kenny Loggins. When a hip teenage boy named Ren McCormack moves from the city to the country, he expects some culture shock but not a ban on dancing. Ariel, the preacher’s daughter, tries to befriend the new kid, but both are misunderstood. As he loses touch with his daughter, Reverend Moore demands more strict enforcement of the laws and an unavoidable showdown with Ren. Janette Fox Klocko directs this energetic and entertaining celebration of the power of listening—to each other and to the music that ultimately brings generations together.
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Reserve tickets (free for students, faculty and staff but required for everyone) go on sale the week of the show. You must pick up your ticket to attend.  Performance times: Wed & Thurs @ 6:30, Friday @ 4 & Sat @ 2 at HH.
October 25 & November 2 - 4
Animal Farmby George Orwell. A parable about totalitarianism, this play gave us the immortal phrase: “Some are more equal than others.” When the animals plan to run the farm themselves, the pigs take over as leaders because they are the cleverest, but their character is not equal to their intelligence. Dr. Cal Fuller directs Orwell’s timely masterpiece. Performance times: Wednesday (10/25 – Final Dress/Send-off to Competition) at 6:30 & Thursday& Friday (11/2 & 11/3) at 6:30; Saturday (11/4) @ 7.
January 25 – 27
Shuddersome: Tales by Poe adapted by Lindsay Price This dark and foreboding dramatization includes some of Edgar Allen Poe's most famous short stories such as "The Tell-Tale Heart" and "The Raven."  Using a chorus of "Shudders" to bring the tales to life, Nelson Berry directs this macabre work to send chills up your spine! Performance times: Thursday & Friday @ 6:30; Saturday @ 2.
February 22 – 25
The Resistible Rise of Arturo Uiby Bertolt Brecht.  This innovative play chronicles the rise of a fictional 1930s Chicago mobster and his attempts to control the cauliflower racket by ruthlessly disposing of the opposition. Malcolm Morrison directs this satirical allegory with an ensemble cast and newly written music.  Performance times: Thursday & Friday @ 6:30; Saturday @ 7; Sunday at 2.
April 12-13
The 13th Annual “Shakespearathon”(24 hours of Shakespeare) This fundraiser benefits Endada and the Nashville Shakespeare Festival. It’ll be a fun-filled day performing Shakespeare’s plays with games and other activities inspired by the Bard. Annual favorites include the “Alas-Poor-Yorick” head toss, Backwards Hamlet, Shakespearean Lines from a Hat, Andy Griffith’s Romeo and Juliet and Sonnets at Sunrise. Thursday & Friday (7 a.m. to 7 a.m.)
April 18 – 20
Student-Directed One Act Plays  Seniors in the Studio Theater class choose and direct a collection of short plays, including some of their new, original works. Performance times: Wednesday, Thursday & Friday @ 6:30.

Meet the Theater Department

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  • Dr. Cal Fuller 

    Vis. & Perform. Arts Teacher, Theater Program Director, Senior Seminar, Service Club Advisor
    Northwestern University - Ph.D.
    University of Chicago - M.A.
    Davidson College - BA
    At MBA since 1997
  • Mr. Malcolm Morrison 

    South Bank University - Advanced Diploma
    University of London - B. Ed (Hons)
    Johnson & Wales University - M. Ed (part)
    At MBA since 2000
  • Mr. Nelson Berry 06

    Latin Teacher, Theater, 10th Gr. Concessions, International Thespian Society
    University of the South: Sewanee - B.A.
    University of Georgia - M.A.
    At MBA since 2010
  • Hunter Woolwine 12

    At MBA since 2017
  • Mr. Jack Chambers 

    Network Administrator
    University of the South
    At MBA since 2015

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